Matte Nails are in this fall ! Its such a welcome break from the glossy nails. If you've been Miss Goody Two Shoes for ever, this is the time to embrace the dark matte side.

The new Matte Velvet Collection from Zoya has me feeling like the cool kid at school. I never dreamt of black polishes, let alone matte black ones. If I told my parents I wanted the black polish they probably would have thought I was going through a rebel phase and grounded me - just in case. Now at 25, I am reliving my cool kid fantasies but the world now calls it fashionable. So, hey, jump on the boat !

The Zoya Matte Velvet Collection has three shades of velvety matte goodness

Loredana (ZP498) - gunmetal gray matte shimmer

Dovima (ZP499) - black matte shimmer

Posh (ZP500) - wine matte shimmer

Blink And Its Dry !!

There is something weird about these shades. They dry at lightening speed. You apply it on finger #1 and by the time you reach finger #3 , the #1 is dry. Completely dry. So prag'matte'ic ! Zoya needs to find out what makes it dry this fast and introduce that compound into all its nail polishes. This is major news #1 if you're clumsy with nails like I am.

The other thing is - its matte. Almost feels like you took a black marker pen and colored your nails. It takes some getting used to if you've been the glamorous glossy nail girl. The polishes are a little on the thicker side. They don't flow as easily but the formula is very forgiving. A little extra here, a little less there makes no difference. This is major news #2 if you're clumsy with nails like I am.

I'm not a top coat kinda girl, so I'd say this stays on for just as long as anything else. A week, may be five days. But then they dry so fast, I don't care how long they stay ! I'll happily reapply !

Its a must try if you ask me. Just the look of the matte black on my nails has me feeling like the very fashionable Olsen Twins.

Price - $6
- Zoya.com, Ulta
- Matte Nail Polish
- Love,
Indian Girl


Nakiya said... @ August 10, 2009 at 9:19 PM

I think the matte looks awesome! I totally want to try these now - I LOVE the way Posh looks.


Vaishnavi said... @ November 7, 2009 at 5:11 AM

I just thought i would let you know, i went to Ulta just to get the Zoya Posh matte nailpolish, and they didnt have any Zoya products at all...

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