I recently tried out the Serious shave Cream from Glytone and what have I got to say about it ? This is some serious stuff, man !

The Shave Cream claims to protect, condition and lubricate the skin with its creamy, non-foaming formula while Glytone’s signature ingredient, glycolic acid, exfoliates, softens and helps eliminate razor bumps and ingrown hairs.

The hair growth on my legs is pretty normal and I generally don't need anything extraordinary for a shave. I most often pick up Brut from the drugstore because the girly shaving creams smell weird to me. This cream however was way too good compared to my regular drugstore shave creams. Its extremely moisturizing and shaving a breeze with it. Not a foamy one, this has a thick whipped cream like texture. Even a not so sharp blade gets the work done and razor burn is a thing of the past ! I'd especially recommend it for thicker hair. At $28 it is expensive and I'd save it for special occasions that demand a perfect pair of silky legs.

I havent had that occasion in ages. If you have a good story , do tell.

You know who could use this more ? The boy in your life. Don't ask me how I know this. I just do. And, its another story for another time.

Price - $28
Purchase - dermstore.com
Purpose - Serious shaving
- Love,
Indian Girl
PS : I bought the Glytone Hand cream sometime last year and loved it ! It had SPF 15and comes in a huge tube. If you're in the market for a new handcream with SPF, check it out.


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