The folks at Clinique are serious about their lip gloss. Just as serious as I am about my Orange Dream Machine at Jamba Juice. If you're a smoothie lover like I am and are always looking for healthier things to put into them for that extra protein , extra anti oxidants or extra vitamins - I've got just the lip gloss for ya - The New Vitamin C Lip Smoothie.

What it is, is a vitamin packed formula that is enriched with a cocktail of ingredients that work together to improve the condition of the lips instantly and over time. Key players in this lip smoothie include Vitamin C, Pomegranate, Açaí Berry, Shea Butter and Theobroma Grandiflorum Seed Butter.

The applicator is the flow through brush applicator - the one you click and the gloss oozes out. Clicketty Clack Clack. The lip smoothie is available in eight lip quenching, juicy, fruity shades.

I tried the lip smoothie in Nude-tricious - a soft brown nude shade with a hint of shimmer. Totally loving the moisture, the light texture and the shade. Its is said to have a sheer to moderate finish whereas I was found it to be almost opaque. Another big plus was the fact that it does not have an ultra glossy shine. As someone with full lips, I hate the over juicy gloss dripping, too wet look. This has more natural shine that makes it great for conservative work settings as well.

One more thing, though said to be water resistant ( I read that as fairly long staying) , I found that the color vanished in three hours or so. The moisture was there but it felt like the air around me just took the color away...

I am very happy with this one ! Just as happy as I am when I find a good, lip smacking, hunger satisfying smoothie !

Price - $17.50 (0.05 oz)
Purchase - Clinique.com, Nordstrom
- An antioxident , Vitamin enriched Lip Gloss

What is your favorite smoothie ? Do you have a master mix of your own ?

Indian Girl


misstrishdelish said... @ August 18, 2009 at 4:50 AM

*^_^ Oh Em Gee I agree Jamba's Orange Dream Machine with the Energy Boost is my love!

I've been dying to try these lip glosses I love Clinique! Thanks for the review and swatch all of the colors are ones I would wear :)

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