Lisa Ray's Makeup Artist in LA, Kerry Malouf was kind enough to share with AIMB, the details of Lisa Ray's makeup at a recent event. I knew I wanted to know all about it and am sure you guys would love some exclusive info on Lisa Ray's makeup !

This is what gorgeous Kerry had to say about Lisa Ray :

"Lisa Ray is a pure ray of Sunshine to work with! I'm lucky to be her makeup artist in Los Angeles and it's always such a pleasure to paint her beautiful face! I recently did her makeup for a special event she was hosting while in town. We decided to go with a Colorful, Glamorous look as she was judging a Beauty Pageant. "

Now onto the look

"Here are the steps I took:
I started with the Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint which is available in 4 shades. I used Golden on her. This Moisture Tint is SPF 20, it's oil free, it's hyper allergenic, it's water resistant, and it has Gingko Biloba which offers calming and soothing properties.

I lightly taped in the Jouer Brightening Stick under her eyes. I love this product because it has Light Diffusing Multi Mineral Pigments in it that deflect light.

I accentuated her cheek bones with Amarylis all over color.

I gave her a sexy smokey eye by using Caviar powder eye shadow blended with Creme Organza Eye Shadow. Jouer makes my favorite eye liners! They are formulated with Vitamin A & Vitamin E which prevents the color from creasing and fading. I framed her eye with Noir eye liner and used the Noir Mascara.

For the lips, I ended with Elizabeth Hydrating Lipstick which has the powerful moisturizing properties of Brazils Cupuac'u Butter. This is a really popular color that is a must have! It's a sheer berry pink."

The Hair

"Shannon Kim (thomaschance.com) came along with me to do Lisa's hair for the event. They decided on a very Glamorous ~ Sexy Look. Being that Shannon is an artist at heart, she takes each style she creates to heart. She curled specific pieces of Lisa's hair with an iron. She then pinned each piece and let them cool. Then she brushed it all out. She then shaped Lisa's hair into a Veronika Lake wave. She pined it to hold the wave. She finish it by spraying the wave with hair spray. All products by Bumble & Bumble."

The smokey eyes were brilliant ! Caviar is next on my list. With Fall coming up soon its all about smokey eyes and dark lips !!

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