Before I tell you what I thought of the perfume you have got to read Kenzo's description of it. Read it.

As night falls, L’eau par Kenzo becomes Eau Indigo, a pair of sensual fragrances for him and her inspired by the seductive dance of color and scent as dusk sets on water. Fresh, zesty notes unfold into a sensual base built around an amber note. L’eau par Kenzo eau Indigo captures the moment when twilight skims over water’s surface and the heat of the day tangos with chilly whispers of the night, releasing a unique scent suggestive of the possibility and adventure yet to come.

Seriously, is Pablo Neruda back ? Who writes this stuff ? The effect is just magical !

Woo That Cowboy

I am no perfume connoisseur but I think I know my perfumes well. I know which fragrances I am drawn to and which I want to stay away from. Indigo, has a more easily likeable scent. Its tough going wrong with it. In my humblest non poetic attempt I'd say, this is the most sensuous fragrance I own. It is one fragrance I want to save so I could wear it on the occasion I meet a handsome cowboy. But then I have no control over my hands. Each time I open the cupboard my hands reach for this purple bottle. Its a special variation of Tourettes Syndrome. All my other fragrances have taken backseat for now as I am desperately trying to hold onto this cowboy alluring scent. And they have a matching one for him too !

Its not just Kenzo who does poetry around here...

Come cowboy come hither
Come take me away from here

I've got the magic scent
And you are my hero gent

Come get me when day meets dark
Swear my fangs wont come out

To your ranch not so far

Not on horse but in my car

I must also let you know that this is a popular enchanting Woo-doo chant. Repeating it three times a day just after your meal will result in you meeting your handsome cowboy. Trust me he will hear you and come riding on his mighty horse (or a non fancy truck , if hez anything like my TX cowboy)

Indian Girl


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