At least these are a few things I did and it worked. Some I didn't but I know I should have. Also this applies more to someone who wants to do something a little more experimental - new salon, new cut, new stylist sorta thing. If its just a regular trim, you may not need all of this. No harm reading !

1. Have an idea of what you want.

I knew I wanted bangs and that helped decide what to do with the rest of my hair. There is only so much advice you can get from a hairdresser in ten minutes. And once you are there, you really don't have enough time to process the style he/she has recommended. Having a general idea of what you want will help you translate it better to the stylist. It is up to the stylist now to take it one step further and please you !

To know what you want, start collecting pictures. If you see a celebrity hairstyle you like, just save the picture. Dump all the inspirational pictures in a folder and slowly filter them out. Take the final five or six to your stylist.

2. Start your search early

This applies for the stylist, the cut and getting an appointment. The earlier you decide on the place and the stylist the more time they have to accommodate you according to your preference !

I started looking for inspirational haircuts about two months before I got the cut It really really helped ! In the end I went for a mix of Nicole and Jennifer Aniston. ( Notice how I always ignore writing Nicole's last name. Too many s and z's, man. Schzeringer ? Scherrigezer? Shcziggener? Neva mind )

3. Use online makeover sites

My favorite is Taaz.com. I used it to try out a whole bunch of hairstyles, hair colors, lengths, bangs everything. And its free ! I absolutely love Taaz ! It was here I discovered that an edgy bob actually looks great on me.

Let me share a secret with you. A few days back, I found not one not two but three grey hairs on my head. I was depressed to say the least. But then on Taaz I found out that the dirty blond / brunette look is not bad at all ! So, once I get older and the greys are full on ...I'll try coloring !

4. Get all the details of the salon beforehand

Apart from directions on how to get there , you want to know other things too. These other things are especially important if you are on a budget. Some salons charge a different amount based on the stylist who does your hair. Some have a flat charge but could have a few hidden charges. Others serve you champagne and charge you a whole lot for it. So, talk to them before your appointment and have an idea of how much it will cost you. No harm in asking and finding things out beforehand.

5. Find out more about your stylist.

If you are picky about your hair, get picky about the stylist. Search online for salon reviews, ask your friends for recommendations. Call the salon and ask about the stylist and his/ her experience , specializations. Some stylists specialize in curly hair , some are great at handling long hair and so on. Go for one who will suit the needs of your hair. Most salons also have a small resume of the stylists on their websites.

6. Wash your hair a day before your appointment

I like doing this because usually by the next day my hair is set and when my stylist sees it she / he gets a good idea of what my hair is like. Avoid having too many products , treatments in your hair on the day of the cut. Try hitting the salon as natural as possible. Of course they wash it but I would like my stylist to see what they are handling - the frizz, the dryness, the curly , the straight , all of it !

7. Dress up ! And on the day of the appointment wear a shirt or dress that contrasts your hair color.

I wore black and it wasn't the best idea for my dark hair. When its cut, styled and the stylist takes the cape off you want to be able to see your hair in all its glory ! You wanna check for long ends, rough edges, color and everything else. All that will show up better when you have a contrasting color on, especially if your hair is long.

Also dress up when you are going for a new cut ! I know I did and it felt great ! I had some pretty makeup on, wore nice clothes, had my nails painted ! Nine times outta ten you will want to go out and show off your hair cut ! So you better be prepared, right ?

8. Reach the salon early

I reached my salon 15 minutes before my appointment. My stylist was free and this gave us a lot more time to sit and go over my inspirational pics and to talk about what would suit my hair, face cut and other needs.

9. Ask everything you want to know, before , during and after the cut.

Some salons can be intimidating. The stylists could have a " I know better than you" attitude. But its your hair. You are paying for it and they are suppose to help you get what you want. So tell them what you are looking for. Double check to see if they got it right. Ask about the products they are using. The more you know, the more you will feel better about styling it on your own.

I am new to bangs. The ones I had earlier were nothing like this. So I asked my stylist to teach me how to style my bangs. She gave me the round comb , the dryer and taught me how to do it on my own !

10. Take a friend along or go alone

I know the statement doesn't really sound useful, but lemme try here, okay. I like to go alone. I usually research and bug my friends for weeks on my cut. So, before I reach my stylist I know what I might want Also I enjoy the alone time with my stylist.

A lot of people like to take a friend along. This helps if you are going on a whim and want your stylist to do all the recommending. Your friend can help brainstorm with you on the style your stylist is recommending coz two brains are better than one ( in a hurry)

I had a friend drop me off and pick me up when I was done. I really really wanted her to see it as soon as it was done but didn't want the poor thing to be waiting. So she hit the mall nearby while I got the cut. But, she was there for the final unveiling !

Have Fun With The New Hair !

Last, Have fun ! Sounds simple ! But it has to be told. If you did all of this it is tough to have a bad hair cut. It is tough to be disappointed unless you went to a really bad hairdresser at a really bad salon who really has no experience at all. Hoping you went to a good salon, got a good cut; its time to enjoy it ! Time to have fun with the new hair ! Try styling it different ways . Don't go back into your rut of putting it in a pony or a bun ( this was more for me, than for any of you. Telling it aloud, reinforces it )

Hope you found this helpful. If you have any more recommendations, do tell me . We can always have a " 10 more things to do before you get a haircut " post !

Indian Girl


zaini said... @ July 13, 2009 at 3:49 AM

thanx for the tips...since i have curly/thick hair nothing much can be done...got it thinned once that really helped cuts the air-dry time in half(never blow dry my hair curly hair n blow dryer don't gel)difference couldn't be seen but thinning made my hair feel lighter when shampooing...

and once i really wanted to get layers so i asked the stylist to flat iron my hair (and boy did i discover the actual length of my hair)instead of washing cuz when wet curly hair tend to get shorter....

u r talking abt 3 grey hairs and u r what 25? i am 26 and going crazy with the grey hair and i have a lot more than a few

p.s: I also have 2 kids and heard that pregnancy can make u r hair grey....but now a days i hear a lot of ppl my age and younger complaining abt grey hair

shivali said... @ July 13, 2009 at 8:22 AM

omg. i think it looks cute (from what i see). and seriously, isn't it the best feeling when you feel your head sooooooooo much lighter and the volume becomes 100 X awesomer.enjoy it!

josie said... @ July 13, 2009 at 6:31 PM

@ zaini:i nw how you feel. i have the same problem, THick, Curly, frizzy hair.What you said about cutting curly hair is right. But i dont think you heard of the stylist called Ouidad.She has this special kind of cutting called cutting and craving.It suppose to to reduce frzz for curly hair. I think you should try it but her salon is only NYC( The main one), PA,NJ and virginia. you have to check out her website .its www.ouidad.com

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