Lets just call it the Borghese Tinted Lip Plumper. And while I'm telling you what to call it, let me also tell you what it does and how and why I need it.

Why Do I need a Lip Plumper & How It Works

Lets start with the whyz. Y'all know I got full lips and don't really not anything to make them bigger but I love me some plumping goodness on these puckers of mine. I love how all the lines disappear and I have barbie like smooth lips free of ridges and cracks. Essentially I think that is part of what plumpers do. They fill in the teeny tiny folds on your lips, give them a smooth surface which automatically kicks up the volume. This smooth, luscious goodness stays on for at least 10 - 12 hours. My lips remain full even after I actually wipe the gloss off ! May be that's why its priced at $31.50. You feel the effect long after it has come and gone...

Lemme tell ya the how-zzz. It stings a teeny bit and tingles a whole lot. The stinging was actually a lot lesser than most other real plumping glosses. Its funny, I had this urgent need to laugh when my lips started tingling from the gloss. I mean who laughs at tingling lips - I do. In the name of vanity be prepared to experience three minutes of funny-somethings-happening-on-my-lips sensation. Once it stops, stand back and admire the beauty of full lips.

There is a little color...

They are tinted lip glosses and not full on pigmented ones so the color is not a whole lot. I think its made that way so you can easily layer it over or under you favorite lip color and make it look like your lips are naturally that full. I personally like wearing it on its own because the Flamingo Gold shade I have is a natural looking pink with a hint of shimmer - uber pretty. Also unlike the glosses that make you look like you have full lips ( and are non - stingy) these do not give out a fake over shiny effect. The last thing you want on full lips are the over blingy cheap looking glosses !

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