I'm giving away the Lancome Oscillation Mascara ! Mascara has never been more exciting ;)
Enter Today !

Your favorite glosses now in a stick model...errr...chapstick model.

Love Papaya - Been eating it all week ! And no I'm not on a fruit diet, yet I'm glowing !

I got boys in my pocket. (I wanna rhyme it with a sentence that ends with rocket...but I'll leave that to your imagination)

Spray on a clear complexion like I do !

Everybody's talking about it. They tiny, they cute but beware, they Untamed.

What was I up to ? I redid the banner and some butterflies to stick around !

Got my frizz under control, man ! Its day three and my raven hair is still looking good !

How has the week been for ya ?

Indian Girl


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