This post was contributed by dear reader Shivali. She talks about her experience with ELF Cosmetics. Big thanks to Shivali for sharing all the info and pictures with us !

If you wanna write in about any products you recently bought or have loved forever, do send them in. I would love to publish them as reader contributions !

Here she goes ....

I really recommend the liquid eyeliner waterproof pen from e.l.f. I have used Prestige for a long time. As much as i love it..I think I found something better. Prestige ends up on my top of my eyelid. I have tried primers and lighter strokes but nope, it doesn't work for me. So I finally gave up on liquid eyeliners...till e.l.f came along. It doesn't smear that easy and I actually put it on in car this morning while going 75mph ( not recommended, LOL). It is very easy, convenient and functional for me. I am usually always running late so I just grab whatever and do my makeup in the car. This is great.

I don't think the camera did justice to liner. It really brought out the brown in my eyes. Combined with a heavy mascara. I just did this look for you really quick. With the brown liner on top and bottom combined with some hot pink/reddish eye shadow.

Their lip plumper/primer duo pen is great. I usually have a problem with lip stuff. My lips end up having stuff in the crease and I hate that. But this plumper has like a Cinnamon fire to it. The primer works great and bring out whatever lip color i want to put on. They also have this lip gloss tin. It tastes like chocolate. i love ittttttt! Its thick enough,smells great, feels great. Really good for a light day..!! I also ordered fake lashes which I am still struggling to put on. Their lip glides work well for me because I prefer the transparency...and a little bit of shine.

Over all, I was happy. I got me a black eyeshadow finally, because every time I go to Clinique they are out of the black eyeshadow!!! I got the liner pen in black and brown. I am hooked to the brown cuz it really suits the black hair, brown eyes, the whole Indian skin tone...its great! I also got a conventional liner in plum color. Haven't tried yet, but will let you know:). And yeah I read your recommendation the Sunkissed blush, I got that too :) I haven't worn it yet but I will surely let you know and yeah you know how much all of this cost me?

5 eyelashes
2 liner pens
1sunkissed bronzer
2 lip glides
1 lip plumper/primer
1 chocolate gloss tin
1 black eyeshadow
1 plum eyeliner

total= $14.95 and inclusive of shipping!

I usually don't go for cheap products but this was a good experience :)
And yeah I tried their clear mascara that I bought from a store...IT SUCKED. I will stick to Clinique for that :)

Indian Girl


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