Remember, couple of months back when there were all kinda funky mascaras coming out ? We heard the vibrating, the spinning, the club shaped one and so many more ! Well finally, I got myself one of those not so ordinary funky mascara - The New Motor Eyes Mascara from Prescriptives.

What you do is, you twist the cap of the tube and immediately the brush starts vibrating. It continues to vibrate until you put it back into the tube and click it shut. The buzz of the motor is funny. Surely not the kinda mascara to whip out in the bathroom with your date waiting outside ...

After getting the vibrating brush out you place the brush horizontally along your lashes and slowly pull it upwards towards the tip. But when did we ever follow rules ? So I zig-zagged my way through my lashes and did everything I'd do with a normal mascara. It gives crystal cut separation making each one of lashes stand out and coated a beautiful deep black. A very prety fan like effect ! Absolutely no clumps because the constant vibrations keeps the mascara moving and doesn't let it clump or over apply in one area. The mascara is made from a light gel polymer making it feather light and super easy to wear. The lengthening is decent and improves with each coat.

I am clearly happy with this mascara but there are two things I would like to change. One, I wish it had a button so I could stop and start the vibrations as I please. Okay that came out wrong, but you know what I mean...the girl would like some choice. This is especially important if you are taking five minutes to do your lashes. The continuous vibrating gets a bit much. The other thing is the price tag of $32. I hardly ever complain about the price unless it is a totally useless product because price is a personal issue...some like to spend some don't and that's totally up to each one of us. But this time, I wanted to mention it because we now have drugstore brands like Maybelline coming up with vibrating mascaras which have the stop start option. I haven't tried it and I am not sure if I will be half as impressed with it but if the drugstore one does work well, then its something to think about...

Have you tried any of the vibrating mascaras ? Do like the buzzing sound and the tingling effect ?

Indian Girl


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