Remember the Exhilarating Summer 2009 Collection from Prescriptives, that I wrote about a couple of days back ? I am here to tell you that the collection looks even more gorgeous in person than in the pictures !

I am not sure about the model but for my skin tone, the Exhilarating Lipcolor in Papaya was the best match for my skin tone and I had prayed it would be. Girls if you are tan or plan on getting a tan this summer, then Papaya is THE one for you. Its a polished, radiant coral with hints of gold made to compliment the golden tan you'll be showing off. ( I have just the bronzer, to help create this effect. I'll tell you all about it by this evening)

The lime green packaging is super cute as is the size of the lipstick. A little smaller than the regular lipsticks but I think they carry the same amount of product. Apart from the color & packaging the other plus point is that it feels light, fluffy and is very moisturizing.

In one word - SUBLIME !!

Indian Girl


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