My favorite concealer makers are having a Concealer Sample Fest !!! This is your chance to get samples of three creme concealer shades with any online purchase at Three Custom Color Specialists !! All you have to do is write the shade names in the " Customer Notes " area during check out.

This is an amazing offer for those of us who have a difficult time finding a concealer that matches our skin tone perfectly. Most often a mix of two or three shades works great ! With this offer you could choose three shades, mix it up in the comfort of your home , in proportions you will feel comfortable in ! You can then order all the three shades or use Three Custom Colors Custom Blending option and get it made in the proportions of your choice. You can read more on Custom Blending for concealers here and here

How to choose shades ?

You can take a look at the swatches of all the 10 available shades below. They will give you an idea of the color and what might suit your skin tone. For reference I use #6 shade and sometime mix it with #3 or #5. But mostly its just #6.

Another useful tool will be to check this page on their website. It talks about warm vs. cool and has pictures of women with the corresponding skin tones ! Click on the woman's picture to find the shade used on her. And if you are a Makeup Artist who works on large range of skin tones, you should so check out the Professional Concealer Palette ! It contains all the 10 shades and a tiny concealer brush ! It also works great for makeup parties ;)

Go on try some samples ! Who knows you might land on the magic formula !

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