Let me introduce you to the perfect pick-me-up for grooming your eye brows. This is one product I cannot live with out. I have okay brows but filling them up with my Milani brow pencil in Natural Taupe gives me the Kim Kardashian full brows ! I love my brow stencils, brow powder and brush but sometimes when you are rushing out the door, you really don't have 5 minutes for your brows !! That is why the brow pencil is so essential.

The Milani one has been my absolute favorite for over a year now, because it is super creamy, not waxy at all, looks extremely natural and is the perfect color for me. The Natural Taupe one is about two shades lighter than my natural brow color so when I fill it up, it does not look one bit fake. If you have never tried a brow pencil before, I highly recommend this one. It costs about $5 , lasts a long time, require no sharpening and also has a spoolie on the other ! After you've finished filling in your brows, go over it with the spoolie to remove any excess color.

Brow Tip : When you are looking for brow powder or a brow pencil always pick a color that is atleast one or two shades lighter than your natural brow hair color. This way it does not look "drawn" or fake even if you go a little overboard with it.

Indian Girl


Bella said... @ March 11, 2009 at 1:14 AM

I can't find Milani anywhere ***cries***

An Indian's Makeup Blog ! said... @ March 11, 2009 at 1:34 AM

Really!! I usually buy my Milani stash at CVS / Walgreens...haven't seen them anywhere else though.

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