Hi Ladies !

I wanted to introduce y'all to Desi Beauty Bloggers Inc (DeBBI). It is a community I started for all you guys. I hope all Desi Beauty Bloggers and readers will join, so it becomes a one stop shop that answers all your burning questions on makeup & beauty products.

Please join this community and to invite fellow desi readers / bloggers to join too. The main reason why I felt the need to start such a community was because I receive several emails requesting for recommendations on concealers or foundations and sometimes I don't have answers to questions on brands that I am not familiar with. I feel really bad when I don't have answers for my readers. That got me thinking on creating a forum where you guys / fellow bloggers and I could answer those questions and it becomes repository for all kinda Q/A, recommendations, thought on products.

If you have a blog please join the community and display the badge on your site so other desi's find out about it. Helps us spread the word ! Looking forward to seeing you guys on DeBBI !

Indian Girl


The Mighty J said... @ March 23, 2009 at 8:56 PM

Hi,I'd love to join - the thing is I don't always talk about makeup or beauty on my blog - its a mix of things. So would it be be ok to add myself to the list or not?

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