This week is the MASCARA MARATHON WEEK on AIMB. Everyday I will be reviewing a new mascara and giving you the details on what works and what doesn't. Stay tuned to see if your favorite gets featured this week !!

My all time favorite mascara is the Naturally Glossy Mascara from Clinique. Apart from giving me beautiful natural looking lashes, it has some sentimental value attached to it. I bought myself that mascara for my graduation. Yes, a $14 mascara was all it took to make me happy, unlike some spoilt rich kids of today who want a BMW for having turned 16 !! Anyhoo, I was more than eager to try the High Impact Curling Mascara because curling is one major thing I need for my straight pokey pokey lashes.

I tried the mascara in black / brown and loved the brown tinge it gave to my ultra black lashes. The color really impressed me. Unfortunately it fell flat in all other areas. There was absolutely no volume and applying three to four coats made my lashes clump. Despite curling my lashes before applying the mascara, there was hardly any lift that the mascara provided to my lashes. Length was no where to be seen and the finish was very very dry , almost brittle.

The mascara actually has the Thermal Technology so it easily comes off with just warm water. What I did was to use a makeup remover and that caused a whole lotta tugging. Silly me, I must have gone the easy way and just used warm water instead. Overall I would say this is not a mascara for straight, curl free lashes like mine. But if you have naturally lush, curly, long lashes, this one will add some great color and neatly separate your lashes with one or two coats.

I really wanted to like this mascara because its cousin Naturally Glossy is my favorite. I gave it many many tries before writing a review hoping my opinion would change but nope, this one wasn't for me :( Read more on High Impact Curling Mascara here

Around the world

Did you watch The Bachelor last night ? Who did he pick ? No, don't tell me, I'm gonna watch it tonight. Indian girls, have you seen the pics from the Film Fare Awards ? My my stunning gowns, pretty makeup and of course some obnoxious Saree trends. But lets talk makeup. I am dying to try out Sonam Kapoor's smokey eye look and Aisha Takia 's soft look from her wedding.

This one is for followers of Cricket . I haven't been following cricket for a long time but this incident in Pakistan against the Sri Lankan cricketers really got me worried. Sports is one of those things that brings the world together, gets rid of barriers ! Shame on them...

Well, hope you're having a wonderful Tuesday !

Indian Girl


Rohi said... @ March 4, 2009 at 8:10 AM
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workhard said... @ March 4, 2009 at 11:49 PM

Hi, its interesting to read ur blog, i always try for the smoky effect, but since some of my wrinlkes beginning to show up, i cut down on that


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