What is Soap & Paper Factory ?

Makers of cute products that come with even cuter earth friendly packaging, all natural, not tested on animals, paraben free, organic and based out of New York !

Fizzing Bath Powder($36)

Cleopatra apparently used to bathe with Donkey's Milk. Can you imagine doing that ? I certainly wont ...naa aaah never. I mean c'mon, don't you hate the smell of raw milk ? And, coming from a donkey doesn't make it any better. However milk has some amazing skin softening properties that I would like to experience. Well, that's why we need Soap & Paper Factory and their Fizzing Bath Powder

Like everything else from Soap & Paper Factory, the powder comes in a big beautiful box made from recycled paper and is complete with cute flower patters & satin ribbons ! Two scoops of the Fizzing Powder(they even provide a shell for it, how cute!) will turn your bath into a creamy almost milk like one accompanied with a beautiful scent. My favorite is the Orange Blossom ! None of the yuck milk stink here. Plus its all natural ! Beat that Cleopatra...

Soap Bar ($14)

This stuff is huge. Don't you dare drop it in the shower. You foot will curse you, big time. The Soap & Paper Factory Soap Bar in Cinnamon & Clove is one of the few soap bars that does not dry me out. It has a wonderfully warm scent of the spices, adding a punch to an otherwise boring shower. Like all other products from this factory the soap bar is hand made and is free from harmful wax, petroleum and other harmful products. It is even safe to use on babies ! The big chunky soap lasted a little over a month though I used it every single day !!!

Body Scrub ($44)

Get ready for some Hard Core exfoliation !! Having tried several cream based body scrubs (delicate dahlings), I was ready for some intense action. The Body Scrub from Soap & Paper Factory is a salt scrub that is excellent for powerful body exfoliation. The salt invigorates the body, making for an energizing experience. Vibrant, silky soft skin is the added bonus ;) The scrub comes in a huge jar that is sure to last a long long time. 10% of the proceeds from selling this scrub is donated to a non profit organization - Maloto.

Everything from Soap & Paper factory is packed to gift, be it for yourself or others. Most products come in six beautiful scents that is sure to relax body & mind. Read more on Soap & Paper factory here

Indian Girl


desipolitan said... @ February 16, 2009 at 3:04 AM

oooo I love their packaging! Are their products available internationally?

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