Dear reader Rohitasha, sent me this note on her excellent experience with Lancome. She even had some wonderful recommendations of the products and shades ! I knew I had to share it with y'all so a lot more of us could benefit from the info ! A big THANK YOU to Rohitasha for agreeing to let me post it here !

This is what she had to say about Lancome :

"Hello Indian Girl!

I just really wanted to tell you how much I loved Lancome's (new?) eyeliner! You can do so much with it, and its color is a nice black that is bold and doesn't come of easily by wiping it off, but it washes off with water quite nicely! Their new black and pink themed collection just came out not too long ago and you can check it at: http://www.lancome-usa.com/landing/pinkirreverence.aspx

I think that you will REALLY like it. It's so nice! But the eyeliner I was talking about before can be seen at: here

I like how Lancome updated the website to cater to your needs. You can find shades that suit you by going to their little customizer on the site. You basically click what your skintone is, your hair color and eye color and there you have it! You get all of their products listed, and not only that, but the colors that suit you most pop up! To find this thing and make it easy for you, it's here

And while we're still on Lancome, I'd like to share with you probably my favorite lipgloss. It's Lancome's Color Fever Gloss and the reason I like it so much is because it isn't sticky, it smells slightly like rose, and it keeps your lips moist in a nice way! My favorite shade so far that goes well with an Indian complexion while looking natural and not over the top at the same time is the Color Fever Gloss in Molten."

If any of you have had some excellent experience with any brand of products, just shoot me an email about it and I would love to put it up on the blog !

Indian Girl


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