I love my Julie Hewett Lipsticks but what I'm currently crushing on is their lip gloss in Harlow. A very pretty sheer deep red gloss with tiny tiny specks of gold. I cant tell you for how long I've been looking for a shade like this. It seems simple right - red + gold . But no. not may people make it the right way at least not the way the way I want it. I love this gloss but realized its magical effect only last week. I had exactly 1 minute to change and leave to go to the movies. In one minute I could only change and had zero time for makeup. Thank God I had Harlow in my purse. Two swipes at the red light and I was feeling great ! The only other thing I used was my to-go foundation from Susan Posnick , another staple in my purse.

Julie Hewett makes only 3 other glosses - Mimi is a sheer pink, Bardot - a bronze, Sophia - a voluptuous mauve. I am dying to try them all. - bronze, pink & mauve ! The texture of Harlow was perfect - non sticky ( I mean it, totally non sticky like its made from Teflon), not thick and gives a good amount of color. I'm hoping the other three will be just as good and with Julie Hewett I don't doubt it. Read more here

Indian Girl


Karen said... @ February 28, 2009 at 9:24 AM

Harlow looks really pretty!

I want to pair her with smokey eyes. :)

BTW, I'm liking your new blog look.

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