Spring is in Bloom at Prescriptives ! I love Prescriptives's approach to makeup, with the Color Print Types. It makes choosing makeup for any skin tone, a breeze ! The have everything sorted out for us and all we have to do is choose in the Color print range that's us ! Knowing I had warm yellow / golden undertones I decided on the Golden Coral ($24). You can find out your Color Type at any of the Prescriptives counters.

Coming back to the blush...check out the packaging. I love me some pink flowers !! They even have flower design embossed on the blush ! The duo has the Golden side and the bright Coral side. The golden side can be used on its own or over the pretty coral blush as a highlighter. The golden shade actually has a little bit of pink to it, which makes it look a lot more natural and softer than most gold highlighters.I have a healthy obsession with highlighters and over time have managed to amass quite a few of them. But this summer I'll be reaching out to this golden shade a whole lot. Applied over the bridge of my nose, it gives me the cutest glow and instantly makes my features look sharper ! Additional attraction being the fact that it stays on for at least 3 -4 hours comfortably and is extremely easy to apply !

Its amazing how a tiny blush could bring moi so much joy ! The moment I got it, I sat in my car, ripped it open and applied it on my cheeks. Just some Purel and my fingers were ready to literally dig into the blush. LOL !

The Golden Coral Blush pairs very well with the Marigold & Sunflower shadows which were released as part of the Spring Collection. Read more on the In Bloom Collection here

Indian Girl


Ksheta said... @ February 10, 2009 at 7:47 AM

Its like exactly what i been looking for a blush that is simmery but not glittery...ive tried the a line form target called set from napoloeon called baked...its similar duo with rose simmery colors one light and other side dark..but this looks even better i wanna go get one now! haha thanks 4 the review.

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