Have you tried the Anywhere Multipurpose Sticks from Prescriptives ? They are super cute creamy foundation sticks that are available in packs of two. Stash one in your purse and one in front of your mirror at home ! Available in whooping 24 long wearing shades( I wear the shade Champagne 04), these caught my attention the very first time I laid my eyes on them. They glide like a primer was already mixed in it making for a flawless application !

With it getting hot already in Texas, I am loving everything that says the magical words SPF. The multipurpose sticks come with SPF 15 & UVA/UVB protection. The other thing I look for is the matte factor . These sticks do provide an excellent matte finish yet keeping it natural. The coverage is easily build able to a full but I usually go for a sheer finish. They are non - acnegenic ( I swear that's a word, I dint make it up)so, sensitive skin will love it too !!

The only flip side is that they don't look great around the eyes so I'd avoid using them as a concealer for under eye dark circles. When I tried them around my eyes trying to cover my barely there dark circles, they settled into unknown lines around my eyes. I really dint know I had them until I was at Macy's trying on some dresses and noticed them ! The rest of my face looked great, almost fresh even after 5 - 6 hours ! Overall a great handy pick me up that works !

Read more on the Prescriptives Anywhere Multipurpose Makeup Stick here

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