Today's post is for people with sensitive skin that is prone to irritation, rosecea and is in need of a calming, revitalizing product. Eminence Organics is a Europe based brand that specializes in fresh, organic beauty products that promise a spa worthy experience at home.

Sweet Red Rose Cleanser

I cant talk enough about my love for floral scents and that was one major reason why I wanted to try the Sweet Red Rose Cleanser. But what I know now, is that the added benefits of it made me love it much more than just for the scent.

What it has ?

Sweet Red Rose Petals: soothes and hydrates, antioxidant
Sweet Red Rose Oil: enriches and protects
Lemon Juice: supplied antioxidants and bioflavonoids
Biocomplex™: an antioxidant booster of Vitamins A, Ester-C, E, Coenzyme Q10, Alpha Lipoic Acid

My Experience

This is the ultimate morning cleanser. With its soothing properties and delicate scent of roses, it makes mornings a pleasure. I am probably weird in that beauty products evoke emotions in me. And when I think of this cleanser, it brings a smile to my face. It is not a heavy duty cleanser and it doesn't take off make up. It is milky , creamy and non foaming . However, it is wonderfully hydrating and soothing making it perfect for irritated , sensitive skin.

I am usually high on the irritation factor if I am out in scorching Southern heat. And I get the feeling that this cleanser will surely calm me down and make me feel much better.

Stone Crop Masque :

The Stone Crop Masque is another wonderful product for sensitive skin that promises lightening, calming and hydrating.

What it has

Stone Crop: regenerative lightening and moisturizing agent
Lemon: contains high amounts of Vitamin C, antioxidant
Bioflavonoids: fights against free radicals, protective agent
Honey: nourishing, moisturizing agent
Biocomplex™: an antioxidant booster of Vitamins A, Ester-C, E, Coenzyme Q10, Alpha Lipoic Acid

My Experience

Call me dumb but when I read the label as Stone Crop Masque, I immediately thought it was an exfoliator kinda masque. I dint even care to read the details of it. But then on using it I felt a calming effect like no other so I went back and double checked only to find out that it was doing just what it was intended to. With the stressed life that most of us lead, it is important to take sometime off and de-stress ourselves. While some people choose meditation, I choose the Stone Crop Masque. I cant keep my eyes shut and not wonder about anything , that stresses me out ;)

The masque is a green colored gel that spreads easily on the face. Because of the hydration surge, you'll feel a slight cooling effect as well. Its not the effect that you get with mint but more like splashing water on your face. Doesnt that sound like another wonderful summer fix !

The best way to try these products is to get them in their sample sizes for $2. You can order upto 10 samples of each product. So, getting 2 or 3 samples will give a good idea of what you can expect from the product and see if suits the needs of your skin. After trying these 2 products, I've decided that they are best for me in the summer.

Read more on Eminence Organics here


Shefali said... @ February 8, 2009 at 11:42 AM

I love Eminence products and use them all the time. I discovered them after going to an organic spa because they only use Eminence products. The Stone Crop masque is AMAZING!

An Indian's Makup Blog ! said... @ February 9, 2009 at 12:25 AM

Hi Shefali !

Spa sounds sooo good to me right now ;)The stone crop masque is one of the most relaxing masques ever ! What other products from Eminence would ya recommend?

Shefali said... @ February 9, 2009 at 12:27 PM

Hi there! I have the Tomato/Garlic masque which is great for its antibacterial properties; I also have the Sour Cherry masque which is a great initial masque before doing any others. I also have one of their herbal serums for skin brightening.

suman agrawal said... @ May 18, 2011 at 11:22 AM

can anyone tell me where can i buy this product. even i liked it whn i gt it done in a spa.. please help me out to find the product. cheers'

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