I still remember the first time I got my brows threaded. My cousin and I had plotted the plan for weeks and finally the day had come. I hadn't told my mom and was a little scared to see how she would react to it. I remember coming home looking into my mirror and suddenly feeling all grown up and girly. The bushy boy brows were all gone ! Well, the lady hadn't done a great job and consequently I went through years of weird eye brow shapes....some days worse than other. Forget sisters / twins my brows looked like they were each from a different planet. That's when I took things into my own hands. I started tweezing them on my own and have ever since.That and thanks to some good eyebrow powder / pencils I now have pretty good brows...

One such brow saving product is the six piece kit from Anastasia. Seriously its all you need and more for achieving perfect brows on your own. The kit consists of

Brow Powder
5 Brow Stencils
Mini Duo Brush
Clear Brow Gel
Matte Highlighter Pencil ( Camille)

The tweezers are great - very sharp, slanted and great grip. I got the brow powder in Medium Ash - it works perfectly for my skin tone. The other colors include Ash Blonde, Brunette & Ebony. The brow stencils are the most fun part of the kit. I've been obsessed with them for over two weeks now. Every night I sit with my mirror trying the stencils on my brows and seeing the effect they have. I have finally figured out that the first half of my brow fits perfectly with the HIGH ARCH stencil and for the other half I use a free hand. It is very easy to fit one of the stencils to your brow shape. Even if they don't exactly cover the whole brow from start to finish they provide for an excellent base to lightly draw a shape. This is especially useful if you have over tweezed or if want to make thin brows look a bit fuller. After that you can always use the powder without the stencil to account for areas that did not fit in the stencil. Its a lot of fun and gives you & your brows a whole another look !

Tools aside, the best and the most useful thing in the kit is the instructional CD on how to groom your brows. Trust me, seeing the video taught me a hella lot . If you get this kit, the first thing to do is to see the video. Its only about 7 - 8 minutes long and Anastasia is crisp and clear with her instructions. I was doing it all wrong with the highlighter. You have to use it only on the outer half of your brow not under the whole brow !! Plus the highlighter makes a huge difference in terms of brightening up the area and making your brows more "visible".

The only advice I have is to use as less powder as possible. Start slow and with some practice your hand will automatically reach for just the amount you need. What I did to tone down excess color was to run a Q tip over my brows and then go over it with the spoolie.

Overall I think its a very very good $75 investment on your brows. You wont be needing anything else, brow-wise for a real long time given the good size and quality of the products. You can get the kit at Ulta, Sephora or can order it online. Read more on the kit here

Indian Girl


Fiza said... @ February 21, 2009 at 11:42 PM

im still 2 scared to do em myself id rather go get em done..im lazyy i guess

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