Zoya's new spring 2009 collection - TWIST is everything springy - its Fun, Flirty and Bright ! The collection consists of 6 colors :

Harley - soft shimmering gray
Jo - shimmering silver blue metallic
Malia - violet cream
Barbie -shimmering soft pink
Cassi - shimmering soft peach
Moxie - vibrant red plum cream

I loved Zoya. This was the first time that I tried the brand and loved it much more than my beloved Essie nail polishes. No streaks, no tiny bubbles, no weird brushes, absolutely no complaints. I am very bad at applying nail polish and always get a friend to do it but this was one of the very few times that I didn't mess up. I think its the formula, just so smooth and has the perfect consistency.

I would have loved a yellow one instead of Moxie but then again, I think Moxie is a great transition color going into spring. Barbie is the perfect barbie pink. I am sooo in love with it !
If you are like me and love gray nail paints, try Harley. Its pretty and looks professional. Have you tried Zoya ? If not this is your cue to go ahead and get the spring collection ;)

On another note, did you read about the woman who painted her whole car using just nail polish ? It took her around 250 bottles of nail lacquer and 13 months to complete the huge task ! How creative !

Indian Girl


Anonymous said... @ January 14, 2009 at 12:51 AM

Great post on Zoya - I love that brand of nail polish. On me, it wears forever. I have to have Harley now!

An Indian's Makup Blog ! said... @ January 14, 2009 at 9:40 AM

Hi Anon !

You must get Harley ! Its pretty ! I love how its got a not matte, neither super super metallic kinda sheen...

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