Suki, the very popular skin care brand recently introduced SukiSpa - a 100% natural, pure, clean organic, vegan line. With all the buzz around Suki , and all the articles about how celebrities love it, I HAD TO give it a try. The Renewal Bio -resurfacing Facial Peel ($75) promised smoother , more refined complexion - a clear Sold !

What it has ?

The masque contains cranberry glycolic alpha hydroxy & refined botanical enzymes that exfoliate, de-congest pores, treats problematic skin. The 5% liposome polypeptide Vitamin C helps accelerate & stimulate collagen production & rejuvenates skin cells. The 12 % beta hydroxy derived from white willow bark acts as an anti inflammatory & exfoliates skin without irritating. Apart from all this goodness, there are ingredients like pumpkin enzyme , apple enzyme that provide antioxidants, fight free radical damage and promote firmness.

My Experience

It is a deep yellow / brown colored gel that you spread all over face and neck. The smell is the exact smell of orange peel. I love that it comes in a pump model so there is no need for putting your fingers into the gel. Just 2 squirts and you have enough gel for neck and face. After about 2 minutes it dries up thoroughly leaving a thin paper like film that washes off with warm water, easily.

Immediately after washing off the product, I looked into the mirror expecting nothing short of a miracle. What I saw was a really clean face, no dryness, almost pure , with smooth surface and all the dead cells banished. It felt great ! But it wasn't a miracle....What it was , was an extremely gentle exfoliator without the need for scrubbing. The next day is when you see the effect of the masque. My skin truly felt and looked rejuvenated . It did for the next 3 days or so. I think this has got to do with the cell renewal , more collagen and all good stuff like that. A peel that makes you look immediately is great but one that continues to make you look better is excellent !

Overall, I get the feeling that repeated use will help my skin in the long run. Not all masques make me feel this. Being in my mid twenties, I guess its time for me to invest in a few if not many products for the better future of my skin . Read more on SukiSpa here

Have you tried anything from Suki ? What was your experience with it ?

Indian Girl


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