I'm not new to oil cleansing. I've used everything form Castor oil, coconut oil , olive oil, mineral on my face to remove makeup. But later I got a little bored of all the oiliness and washing the oil off with another cleanser. Until recently Neutrogena was the only thing I used to take my makeup off. But then I discovered the Mineral Melt from Pur Minerals. In the MUA reviews I read about how it wasn't oily at all , though its an oil cleanser. That was all I needed to hear.

The mineral melt is a oil cleanser that comes in a pump bottle. You just take a little in your palm, spread it on your face , lightly rub for a few seconds and see all the makeup melt away. On your face it turns to a milky liquid. Works great at taking off full coverage foundations, eye makeup, stubborn mascaras and long stay lipsticks. Only for my Urban Decay eye liner along my lower lash line, I had go over the cleanser with a Q tip. But otherwise just light rubbing, does it.

I love using this melt coz I don't have to bring out the cotton pads. Sometimes those pads are rough and I have to take care using it around my eye. With this cleanser , its mostly only my fingers touching my eye. Another big plus is that , I can use it along my water line as well. There is absolutely no burning or any other uncomfortable feeling. It is very very gentle. The mineral melt is not very thick like most other oils and easily washes off with water without leaving any kinda oily residue. I mainly use it as a makeup remover, but it also works great as a gentle everyday cleanser.

Next time you're at Ulta, check it out. Read more here

Indian Girl


SR said... @ May 21, 2009 at 9:45 AM

WOW this sounds so awesome! Are you still using it? I was searching to see what sort of eye makeup remover you like ( I use the Clinique one, but always am on the lookout for something better) and came across this. Sounds awesome! Is this available everywhere?

Also, you don't seem to do too many Bobbi Brown or Laura Mercier products (I'm a big fan). Don't like them too much?
I actually came across your blog reading a review for a BB gloss you did on MUA. Great information you have, nowadays I check your blog daily :)
Also, besides your reviews can you do your favorites of each category into one? Like favorite concealer, foundation, liner etc? Thanks a bunch!

An Indian's Makeup Blog ! said... @ May 21, 2009 at 10:13 AM

Hi Sr !
funny you mention BB. I'll be posting about my favorite pot rouges from BB tomorrow. List of my favorites sounds like a great idea ! I've been working on it but it keep changing. But I guess I should just go ahead and post it and may be make additions as they come :)

What are your fav BB / LM products ?

SR said... @ May 21, 2009 at 7:40 PM

Yeah I think you should just add as your favorites change, that way we can skip the trial and error process. Seriously, I've never not liked anything friends have sworn by, almost always a hit.

As far as some of my favorites.

Laura Mercier- I've just recently started on LM. I absolutely loved the Illuminating powder in Mocha Spice quad. It's got 4 different shades of pinks and browns. I use this as a blush and it gives a nice soft glow. I'm not into really deep colors so this gives a nice natural look.
The stickglosses are great. Like a lipstick/gloss in one akin to Clinique Buttershine. I love the shade Maple. It's a pretty brownish red but not too bright.
I love their caviar eyeliner for tightlining, works great(btw you should do a tightlining tutorial).

And I use BB's corrector,concealer(I'm sure there are better stuff, I have to find) and I love the gel liner, one of the best eyeliners for sure. Their lip glosses and lipsticks are nice but nothing super awesome and kind of overpriced. I was thinking of trying NARS with all the rave about it but it too is pretty pricey which is OK if it's a great product, so I'd rather go by recommendations. How's the NARS Orgasm blush?

OK this is like an email :)

mineral make up said... @ July 18, 2012 at 5:44 PM

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