Aww...bday over.Thank you all so very much for the birthday wishes ! I had a blast ! Apart from the earlier gifts , I also received a bunch of Avon makeup from another Avon loving friend of mine. I even got those ready made eyeshadow sheets !! Cant wait to try them and tell yo'll all bout it. Ooh another thing ! All day yesterday I wore Sally Hansen Natural Beauty inspired by Carmindy makeup. Yup , your girl went au naturale at 25 ;) They are great ! A lot of you wrote in telling me you loved their blushes and lipsticks so of course I had to try it for myself and I loved them too !!

Having seen Patricia Wexler products several times at Bath & Body Works stores, I finally decided to give it a try. Two products that seemed perfect for me were the Acnescription Oil Free Hydrator SPF 30 and Fastscription De Puff Eye Gel.

Fastscription De Puff Eye Gel ($19.50):

A products that visibly deflates under eye puffiness, firms the orbital area , reduces the appearance of fine lines. The gel contains fortified skin tightening yeast complex, oat and cucumber extract , mushroom extract , caffeine to depuff the skin. With continued use it is suppose to reduce the puffiness and keep fine lines from reappearing.

The only reason I was interested in this gel was coz its suppose to depuff in front of my eyes. Unfortunately it does not. My eyelids are usually puffy every morning making ti tough to apply makeup. It takes about an hour or more to depuff on its own. I really wanted this product to work so if not immediately at least in 30 minutes and give me my normal eyes back. I was really bummed that it dint.

The product however is a good eye cream. It hydrates the under eye area well, with out any greasiness. It makes applying concealer an easy breezy task ! I am glad it does something good. May be they should repackage and sell it is as a under eye hydrator...

Acnescription Oil Free Hydrator SPF 30($39.50)

An oil free hydrator that controls shine, prevents clogged pores and comes with SPF 30.

I had better luck with this product . The SPF 30 earned my first brownie point and the lack of a white cast earns one more. The acnescription formula is suppose to be good at controlling adult acne so that's another thing it takes care of. The packaging is very innovative and the pure white bottle is a nice look for a SPF 30 hydrator ;)

However there are a few things to remember while using this hydrator. One, don't use it around the eye area - it burns. I put some on my palm and spread it all over my face only to have my eyelids burning in a few seconds. Second thing is that, the hydrator seems a bit heavy to begin with but withing 15 minutes of application it sinks in and feels just like a regular moisturizer.

So, that was Patricia Wexler for ya !

Have a super Sunday, ladies !

Indian Girl


Nikita2471 said... @ January 13, 2009 at 9:15 AM

I have the Acnescription Oil Free Hydrator but it didn't work for me. I've got extremely oily skin yet this did nothing to help keep the oil away. An hour later and my face is thick with oil.

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