I've got some great sets from IT Cosmetics to share with y'all. I personally think these are perfect for several occasions. If you are an aspiring Makeup Artist and just want to test the field or if you are a newbie to makeup and want a complete set to try out all the basics, then you must check these out. The quality is very good and they are just perfect for an all in one kit for eyes and lips. They also make for great presents !

The Eyes of Seduction Kit ($69)

This includes :

Library of Secrets Manual
An instruction manual that gives us simple to follow step by step instructions on how one can sculpt eyes to achieve a variety of looks.

Waterproof and Sweatproof Eye Shadows and Highlighters Wrinkle Filling Primer

Liquid Eye Liner Dual-Sided Eye Pencil in colors Smokin’ and Energy

“Try to Look Away” Mascara

“The Fluffer” Lash Primer Frame Prep Eye Base
Apply before your shadow to create a long-lasting look.

Lashes of Seduction
Their crisscross design makes these false lashes look natural. Glue included.

Dual-Sided Lid and Sponge Brush

Dual-Sided Liner and Crease Brush

Other than the brushes, I had a very good experience with the rest of the kit. Remember my brush with false lashes ? They were from this kit. The eyeliner and shadows are actually very good. The shadows are small in size , about the size of a penny.

My Naughty Mouth Kit ($69)

This includes :

Library of Secrets Manual
An instruction manual that gives us simple to follow step by step instructions on how to blend and apply colors for sculpting the sexy lip look.

Smile Brightening Lipsticks
Comes in 9 lipstick shades contain a special pigment base specially designed to give you the illusion of whiter, brighter teeth for a sexy, irresistible smile.

Dual Lip Liner
Dual lip pencil in colors “Attract” and “Energy” to help create the illusion of larger, fuller lips. Lip pencil works with all 9 lipstick shades.

Reversible Lip Liner
Lines around the outside of your lips for a perfect naughty pout that stays in place.

IT Cosmetics Signature Smile Brightening Gloss
A blue, antioxidant rich gloss to be used by itself or over the top any lipstick shade for the illusion of an instantly bright, white smile and the appearance of plumper, fuller lips.

My Naughty Mouth IT Glosses: Rich in collagen and antioxidants including vitamins A and E these lip glosses will help achieve the look of luscious, full lips.

IT Cosmetics Signature Blue Lip Balm

Dual-Sided Lip Brush

The brushes in this kit are much better than the eye kit. The lip glosses are wonderful ! I actually dint expect them t be so good but was pleasantly surprised. I cant wait to blend colors and play around with the lipstick shades. The blue smile brightening gloss, is a very good clear gloss but I dint see much of teeth whitening effect with it.

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