I've been keeping something from you guys for two weeks. I've been dying to tell you but at the same time I wanted to test it again and again and be sure that I had indeed hit upon a jackpot as far as full coverage foundation goes. I found something that is a hot favorite of several Bollywood actresses - The Cover FX Total Coverage Cream Foundation ($42).

Those of you who know Bollywood know that Bollywood actresses come with several different skin tones and if a brand is a favorite of theirs....it needs to be vast. And vast it is !!! The Cover FX Cream Foundation comes in 32 different shades !! I am a M40 -Honey in Cover FX. M stands for medium. The M shades tend to match golden and olive skin tones. They consider C for Caucasian, E for equal balances of pink and yellow tones, and B for African-American skin tones. You see, they have a majority of us covered !

I decided on trying the cream foundation because its always nice to have a full coverage foundation because with skin like mine, you never know. I find that in winters, full coverage foundations look very natural and much more forgiving on me. I applied the cream foundation with my foundation kabuki from A design brushes. It is a thick but creamy foundation and when they say total coverage, they mean TOTAL. If your dark circles are not at its worst, then this foundation has them covered too. I did not have any issues with color changing at the end of the day or oiliness or break outs with this one. MAC foundations always got me a shade darker by evening and caused for some breakouts so I was on high alert looking out for any sign of breakouts. Nothing at all !

Wait ..its got SPF 30 ! Cannot miss that one. Its a big plus, no doubt.

Because it is so thick it takes some time to apply. However there is something that makes application faster and thanks to my Cover FX MUA for telling me about it. Its the Skinprep FX Foundation Primer and Treatment Serum ($45). Its a primer, so it smoothes out your skin and makes for a even layer; so the cream foundation spreads like a dream in much lesser time than on its own. With a primer, you don't really need much of the cream foundation either. I told you about the slightly claustrophobic feeling my skin had with some other face primers...I cant say I dint feel it with this one but the feeling was much milder. It wasn't something that was on my mind all day long. The Skinprep FX has lots of hydrating properties which is perfect for my dry winter skin. Their other primer Clearprep FX acts as an acne treatment (1% Salicylic Acid) so its great for the oilies. As far as acne goes, prevention is better than cure, right.

My Foundation Routine :

So, since I've started using Cover FX my foundation routine has three steps :

1. Apply the Skinprep Primer all over my face and neck.
2. Follow it up with the Cover FX cream foundation in M40. One swipe on my foundation kabuki cover almost half of my face. Another half completes it.
3. Set the foundation with Setting FX a translucent setting powder in Light

And am done ! The Cover FX products are available at Sephora and Nordstrom. So, hit up their counter the next time you're at the mall ! I was so glad to have found the right match in full coverage, hopefully you'll have an excellent experience too !

Indian Girl


Nosh said... @ January 17, 2009 at 12:44 AM

Awesome! I really want to try this but I find that when there a million shades, I have even more trouble finding mine. I had the same issue with the Makeup Forever HD foundation so I gave up, hehe =)

Do I HAVE to buy their primer or will any primer do?

And thanks for explaining the letters, it clears up so much confusion!

An Indian's Makup Blog ! said... @ January 17, 2009 at 1:04 AM

Hey Nosh...
I know what you mean...but hopefully the letter M and such will guide you to the right color. And yeah, any primer will do. I used Cover FX coz I found it lighter than the other 2 primers I have...
Which is your fav primer?

yummy411 said... @ January 21, 2009 at 12:54 PM

hi! I sampled this fdtn out a while back and actually posted on it since I was so impressed. since its only at 1 nordstrom near me, its never on my radar. ill remember next time and get it!

Shekhar said... @ February 17, 2009 at 6:43 AM


I was searching online and happened to come upon your blog. Have a quick question on your routine with this product. Do you still moisturize your skin prior to using the primer? Or does the primer work as a moisturizer. Thanks.

lowkeii said... @ March 18, 2009 at 10:47 PM

hey! i was just googling cover fx makeup and decided 2 check out your experience. I'm indian too and its so hard to match my skin tone! it always looks so wrong and looks even worse as the day goes on bc it gets darker. Now i have acne scars that are brownish and some bright red that dont seem to fade. Will cover fx cover those up? and do u recommend i get the liquid foundation or the compact one u showed above? Thanks so much!

SS said... @ April 30, 2009 at 10:58 PM

Great review! I have been trying this out for awhile too. Haven't gotten the hang of it yet, will invest in the primer. BTW, how did you find out that all these actresses use this foundation?? I have always been curious as to what they use to look like they have naturally flawless complexions. I would love to know what other products they use! Thanks!!

Anonymous said... @ July 11, 2009 at 1:05 PM

Hey gf! do u thin Asin is wearing the cover fx foudation here?



Please let me know! Thanks a bunch <3

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