Sigh...the holidays are over...back to the bustle of life. I am one of those people who absolutely love the holiday buzz everywhere and miss it terribly when the Christmas tree is out the door, the lights gone from neighbors yard, no more Mariah Carey screaming Christmas..... on the radio. The only things left to keep my festive spirit going are the The Body Shop's Holiday Bath products in my bathroom.

For the holidays, Body Shop released three new holiday favorites : Warm Amber ( my all time fave), Vanilla Spice and Cranberry. I tried a few products from each of these scents and will be writing about them in the next few weeks ( yes, I'll hold onto Christmas as long as I can).

Vanilla Spice Body Polish :

I have always had a love hate relationship with body polishes. Most of the ones I've tried leave me feeling slimy because of the heavy cream that binds the exfoliating beads together. So I had resorted to my own sugar + honey recipe for a while. Well I wont be needing sugar anymore in the shower.

The Vanilla Spice Body Polish has Kiwi Seeds, Coconut Shell and Walnut shell pieces that help exfoliate your skin. To me its gentle enough to be used everyday but I've realised that once used the softness remains for the following two days so now I use it only twice or thrice a week. The nice part is that it leaves my skin feeling creamy and not slimy/oily. The smell is notoriously similar to Vanilla spice latte but I love it. Its not too strong and washes away well with water. Overall a winner for me !

Warm Amber Shimmery Body Lotion :

Warm Amber - yumm !!! This scent is delicious ! It is truly warm and soooo me ! The lotion is like any other regular shimmery lotion packed with tiny minuscule shimmer particles in a pool of moisturizer. Completely non sticky and moisturizing enough for regular winter skin.

The lotion is made from community trade shea butter that helps protect, soften the skin and has sesame oil and sweet almond oil to help soften and nourish skin. The bottle comes in a burnt orange and gold packaging which I love !

These two products together give me the polished, smooth and glossy skin - like I've spent the whole day getting massages done. Hurray for such everyday at-home luxuries ! Whats even better is these are on super sale now. Check it out here.

Indian Girl


Joi said... @ January 3, 2009 at 10:08 PM

I'm such a fan of scrubs, I'm going to have to check this one out.

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