All hail Urban Decay !! If you are looking for gifts for the makeup junkie in your family / friends this is the end of your woes. Any one of these sets are sure to ignite the fire in the person who receives it !

Best of Urban Spandex Set

The Best of Urban Spandex set consists of

Spandex Heavy Metal Glitter Liner (black, accented w/ rainbow),
Zero 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil (zealous black),
Uzi Eyeshadow (metallic silver w/ big iridescent sparkles),
Eyeshadow Primer Potion (ultra-sheer nude eye base)

The Spandex Heavy metal Glitter Liner look black with sparkles in the tube but comes off as a mix of purple, blue, gold and green. In short if you wanna get only one glitter liner, you should go for this one. It can be used with any look as a "surprise " product .

The Uzi eyeshadow is perfect for adding that holiday silver sparkle to your eyes. There are very few of those big iridescent sparkles , so it wont look chunky when you apply it. It goes on smooth and will work very well with the color gray for a smokey eye.

Best of Urban Baked Set

The Best of Urban Baked Set consists of

Baked Heavy Metal Glitter Liner (bronze)
Half Baked Eyeshadow (subtle, lustrous bronze)
Bourbon 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil (brown w/ teeny gold glitter)
Eyeshadow Primer Potion (ultra-sheer nude eye base)

The Baked Heavy Metal Glitter Liner in Bronze is a bronzy gold color that will warm up any look. It looks totally Diva pretty if used carefully on the inner corner of the eye.

The half baked eyeshadow is great for everyday subtle bling to your eyes. It is not bright, so that makes it great for day time and for work. I have always loved warm colors and this one has become a fast favorite of mine.

Bourbon !!! A warm brown with a tiny tiny hint of small gold sparkles. Just the color you should get if you are looking to replace the often repeated black liner. I agree, nothing beats black liner but this one is a great alternative for days when you are feeling a little adventurous.

Both the sets come in a totally pimped out , flashy purple, silver and gold chains packaging. It screams - SEXY ! You don't even have to package it. Just add a ribbon or a tiny bow and you're done !

Overall, they are like a warm and cool duo. Both the sets will look great on all skin tones but if you or your loved one is all for cool tones - go for Spandex and similarly Baked for warm tones.

Indian Girl


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