What Is It ?

Mood Lighting Shimmer Cremes are a sophisticated take on sparkle that go on light and creamy, and dry down to a fine, powdery finish. These silky crèmes are applied with fingertips to the face and decollete, leaving you luminous.

They are designed for all skin tones and are available in two shades:
Afterglow ($20.50) – A pearlescent champagne with flecks of gold and violet.
On Fire ($20.50) – A bronzed shimmer with a swirl of opalescence

My Experience :

I tried the Mood Lighting Shimmer Creme in Afterglow. The moment I read about gold and violet specs I knew I had to !

The product has a creamy feeling to begin with and almost turns powdery when it touches the skin. Since it is so so very subtle , it is very forgiving when it comes to application. You don't need a mirror or brush to see where and how it goes on because I don't think it can look out of place anywhere - that is if anybody notices it.

If you are looking for some bling bling for your face at night, this isn't going to cut it for you. But if you want a subtle - almost not there kinda glow for work then get this. It is more fine, sophisticated, champagne shimmer than anything else. The violet and gold are sparse adding to the overall subtlety.

Multiple Ways to Use Shimmer Cremes :

Dina Gregg, the Co-Creator of Shimmer cremes suggests a few ways of making the best out of this product.

- Use it as a highlighter below your brows and on the inner corner of your eyes.

- Use On Fire to sculpt cheeks below the cheek bone and Afterglow on the upper cheekbone.

- For a sexy pot, dot a bit on your Cupid's bow.

- Try Afterglow on the high points of your face to bring back the summer glow.

- Try the products on your collarbone / shoulders - anywhere you want a hint of shimmer .

Got to love the versatility of using it on your eyes, lips, cheeks and body !
Read more on the Shimmer Cremes here

Indian Girl


Askmewhats said... @ December 30, 2008 at 8:07 AM

oh my that is a lovely color!!! I love shimmers :)

Happy new Year! :)

An Indian's Makup Blog ! said... @ January 3, 2009 at 1:07 AM

Askmewhats: Happy New Year !! Subtle shimmers are awesome, arnt they ! Whats your fav shimmer powder for face?

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