This is what Sally Hansen says about its new Lip Inflation Extreme Kit :

"You Have : Pale, thin lips that need extra help

You Want : The biggest Sexiest lips possible without the time and expense of a doctor's visit.

How it Works : Spicy gloss plumps and shines lips to the extreme. Breakthrough plumping Hydro - Collagen Complex with micro - spheres of Marine Collagen & Hyaluronic acid capture and retain moisture , contributing to Lip Inflation Extreme's immediate effects. Cinnamon extract & other ingredients enhance lip's natural color so they appear pinkier, healthy and fuller.

You'll Get : The plump, voluptuous lips you've dreamed of."

My Experience :

The kit consists of one huge clear plumping lip gloss, 2 mini plumping tints in gorgeous sheer pinks and a tiny red purse that fits the 2 minis.

I did not try the full size plumping gloss instead went for the tinted minis. The moment I applied it I could feel the cinnamon on my lips. It felt like I had rubbed the Chai Tea from Starbucks all over my pout. I kinda dint mind it until it started stinging. This is my first experience with a stinging lip plumper but I dint get paranoid because I have read about such glosses earlier. The sting continued for at least 3 to 4 minutes and eventually lessened after that.

The result , was beautiful ! I was glad I dint succumb to the sting and take it off. Though I have full lips, I could still feel a difference. I had them ! I had the J. LO shine combined with Jolie's pout ! When I pressed my lips together I could feel them being more full. In pictures, I dint see a huge difference but in person the effect was there. The tints are sheer but look very pretty. I am sure it will look more pink on pale lips but since mine are pretty pigmented on their own, the color dint show up a whole lot.

If you can take the sting, this kit is a pretty one to keep or to gift. If you hate stingy glosses , you'll hate this one for sure. I for one loved it and will save it for days when I am not feeling very sensitive.

Indian Girl


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