A revolution in exfoliation - that is what this is. I'll tell more about it before I go on and on about my experience with Earthen - Instant Peel.

What is Instant Peel ?

"InstantPeel is naturally formulated to peel away dead skin cells, debris and impurities, revealing your skins natural glow, youth and vibrancy. Your skin texture is dramatically improved and becomes more radiant with each use of InstantPeel.

InstantPeel stops working once all the debris and dead skin has peeled away, revealing your natural, healthy, glowing skin."

My Super Glow Experience

I took the Instant peel packet into the shower and followed the instructions on it. When I had read about it earlier, I was kinda scared that I would find red blotches all over my face and that my skin would come peeling off in layers....but nothing scary like that happens !

Instant Glow is a runny white liquid that you spread all over face and rub in circular motions for 3 - 4 minutes. By then you will feel tiny particles accumulating on your face - this is the dead skin peeling out. But don't get scared its really little and you can hardly feel it. I dint feel any burning or uncomfortable sensation. In fact I rubbed it over and over on my nose so all the black heads would be busted. But then again, I dont have very sensitive skin. So, the shower ended and I was still a little scared to get out and see what had happened to my face.

Was there redness? Was there patches of weird skin ? No ! What I saw was new shiny face ! Its not the regular glow you get with exfoliation. It looked like someone scrubbed all the dirt right outta my face leaving nothing but just clean beautiful new skin !!! The best part is this feeling and look stayed for at least the following two weeks !

I am too young and poor for micro dermabrasion and other such treatments that promise new younger skin. But I am willing to spend on is this product. For $50 you receive 6 packets of Instant Peel. Each packet is enough for one generous use. I know, it is still on the expensive side but I am gonna save this for special occasions. The recommended usage is once in a week for oily skin, once in two weeks for normal skin and once in three weeks for dry / sensitive skin.

Instructions on How to Use Instant Peel

  1. Take an InstantPeel packet into the shower. Steam your face for about five minutes, so that skin is moist and supple.
  2. Open the packet and squeeze a small amount of InstantPeel onto your fingertips. Massage firmly but gently onto your face and neck, avoiding the delicate skin surrounding the eyes. Using strong strokes, rub InstantPeel in a back and forth motion onto your skin until individual peels of dead skin emerge.
  3. Continue this firm rubbing motion onto the cheeks, chin, nose, forehead and neck areas until dead skin cell peeling ceases. Use contents of packet for more InstantPeel as necessary.
  4. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. If any residue remains cleanse with a gentle cleanser. Discard packet after one-time use.
  5. Protect your silky new layer of skin with a moisturizer.
Overall, this is the exfoliator I will go for when I wanna look my absolute best. The new skin experience was nothing like I'd ever had before. If it wasn't for the price tag I would be addicted to this thing. Thank God for the price restraints ;)

Indian Girl


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