If you were wondering why I was asking for inspiration pictures...this post should pretty much sum it up. I recently came across this AWESOME makeup brand - Nixie Cosmetics and I cant stop drooling over it. Seriously, Move Over MAC, NIXIE is here to stay.

Everything from Nixie screams Color ! Isn't that any MUA's dream ! I am not even a MUA and I cant stop dreaming about these products.

Ultra Shine Lip Gloss

The Ultra Shine Lip glosses are the most pigmented glosses ever. And because of so much color, they stay on so much more longer than most other ones. For me it lasted through a half day at the mall followed by a Chinese lunch (Dumplings...yummmmm)

Ultra Shine Lip Gloss in Lava

This a bright coral color with a hint of orange and some gold specks. Though it was a bit much on me, I adore this color so I am gonna wear it often. It will also look super pretty on medium dark and dark skin tones, paired with some bronzer and apricot blush.

Ultra Shine Lip Gloss in Safari

This color is unlike any other lip gloss I have. It is the prettiest brown almost like a dark dark nude color with very tiny flecks of gold. To wear this color, keep your face simple and clean ( read as - use that concealer ) , do your brows and add some mascara on your eyes. That's it. Let this color do all the talking for you....

Vitamin Capsuled Lip Gloss

To tell the truth the Ultra shine Lip gloss actually healed my broken lips very well. So, I couldn't test these ones out on that factor. But the color is a pretty baby pink which works great on top of any lipstick. because my lips are pigmented I couldn't see the color, but then it is meant to be a very sheer and high shine kinda gloss. Overall, nothing you cannot live without.

Ultra Pearl Jars

These are multifunctional products that are safe to be used on eyes, lips or face. You can blend one of the light colored ultra pearl powders from a selection of over 50 colors with some moisturizer to give an pretty glow or you can mix them with some Vaseline and apply them on your lips! To me these are synonymous with MAC Pigments except these are better in so many ways. The MAC Pigments come in 0.26 US OZ jars and cost $19.50 but the Nixie ones come in 0.40 US OZ jars and cost only $14 !

The quality is just as good if not better than MAC. I love the long jars with one small hole. It is perfect to take out just the required amount. I don't sifter jars so these ones work out perfect for me. It is 0.40 OZ of pure pigment.

The best part about these are the color. yes, it is pigmented but there is something more to it. There is a punch to these colors almost like they have life to them. I have plenty of pigmented shadows from various brands but nothing gives this punch of color to my lids that the Ultra Pearl provides. I really wish I would had come across these much earlier so I would have something spectacular to compare other similar products to.

Nixie Mineral Eye Shadows

I know what you are thinking...no these are not loose. There are beautiful pressed shadows. They come in 0.16 OZ pans and cost $15 each ( compare with MAC's 0.05 OZ at $14.50). They are super soft, very easy to apply and come in a wide range of over 200 shades !!

Nixie Well - Pro Palette ($9)

Say good bye to palettes where you should use glue to stick the shadows, and say hello to the magnetic palettes form Nixie. Its as easy as taking the shadow pan and dropping it into the palette. Tadaa... palette ready ! This one fits 6 shadows and I've heard that they work well for Ulta eye shadows, apart from of course the Nixie eyeshadow refills.

Metallic Eye Pencil

Work great on the lash line,not so much on the waterline but completely Smudge - proof. They are creamy in a way that they do not tug at my skin and do not feather away ! I did think that UD had nailed it when it comes to eyeliners but Nixie in my opinion puts up a very good fight. Just a little more depth of color and I think we'd have a winner !

I tried a couple of their cream and powder blush as well, but I am going to talk about it later. For now lets hail the eye and lip colors. You know me, I am not one who compares everything to MAC but with Nixie I was compelled to do it because I am just a teeny weeny bit bored of hearing MAC MAC MAC. Don't get me wrong, I love that brand but there is more, much much more and I want to be the one who tells everybody about it. And for now, I want everybody to know this awesomeness called NIXIE !!

Indian Girl


Misha said... @ November 25, 2008 at 7:25 PM

Hey! Totally with you on the MAC MAC MAC thing...there's so much other brands to experiment with! :)

An Indian's Makup Blog ! said... @ November 27, 2008 at 2:46 AM

Hey Misha...
That is sooo true. As great as MAC is and as hardworking as the MAC people are with all those new collections...there is MORE !!

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