I am the princess. Sitting on my golden throne, I am using only the choicest products that were be brought to me in gold and silver bowls. I am being pampered endlessly, bathed in milk and honey and have the kind of skin that will scream out a life of endless comfort...

Scrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeech !! Ends the dream...

Unfortunately I am no royalty and never will be (Thank you, Kate Middleton). But that does not mean I cant feel like one. Have you try Hemloq' s Moisture Rich Cream ? It is one of those luxurious things that makes me feel like a princess. The color of the cream, the texture, the richness, all gives me the feeling of being royalty. And no it does not cost $500 nor does it come in a jar made of gold. It comes in a humble glass jar and costs $34. Still high I know, but like I said its rich and highly moisturizing. Use it every night and banish the thought of waking up with dry flaky skin. Instead you'll look at your mirror and say - Hello Rich Royal Glow !

Word of caution : Don't dream of using this during the day unless you are under house arrest. I mean it when I say - RICH. Also, you know what this reminds me of - the Grape-seed Hydrating Moisture Cream from the Body Shop. Except that one dint do anything to my skin.

Oh wait did I say $34 ? Scratch that. On Monday, Nov 24 you can get it for only $17 ! Hemloq is having a 50 % off online - sale only on Monday ! Offer valid on Individual items only. Gift sets excluded. I think am gonna get their Raspberry Fruit Peel - sounds yummy !

Indian Girl


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