Having clean brushes gives me the same euphoric feeling of having clean towels or clean socks. Though cleaning my brushes takes me less than 20 minutes, I still wait till they are completely dirty until I wash them . Bad bad bad...

Yesterday was one such day. I wanted to make a few "Thanksgiving Looks" but thanks to super dirty brushes, I couldn't. So I soaked the whole stash in some soapy water and then washed em out clean !

Well is doesn't end there , does it. There is the drying too. Its wrong to lay you brushes flat because it will change their shape. Its wrong to keep them upright because the water could seep into the brush handle and eventually loosen the brush hair. Its wrong to...well of course you cant place them brush side down and squash them. This is when a tiny bit of plastic innovation come in handy. This tiny bit of innovation is called The Brush Guard.

Whoever thought of this idea is just practical and brilliant!All I have to do is pull this cover over my brushes and I can lay them flat or even up side down ! Since it is made of breathable material and design the brushes air dry in just about the same time as without them. The brush guards comes in different sizes to fit every makeup brush you have and each of those sizes in turn can fit a few in that range !

But this is not their only use. You can keep the brush guard on for better grip, or just during storage or travel where there are more chances of ruining the shape of your brushes. The brush guard is available in an assortment pack of four sizes or single packages of one size. All are for $5.50 and this includes tax and domestic shipping ! I have six of em now, and am surely gonna get more so my other brushes don't feel left out ;)

Got to love cheap effective solutions !

Indian Girl
But this is not their only use


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