Hey guys !

Some of you wrote in requesting a swatch of Thevi's Plush and Sequin Lip sticks . Thevika, the founder of Thevi Cosmetics was kind enough to send in a swatch for y'all !

As you can see, Plush is a pretty pink with a hint of mauve. Its next on my Thevi list :)

Indian Girl


DLori said... @ July 9, 2009 at 10:55 AM

My most favorite thing in the world is to try all the different brands of make up ever to hit the market at no cost to me. Not only is this my way of having fun, I'd never have to waste another penny on make up I thought I wanted but later decided it wasn't right but couldn't return. But then again, the cosmetic companies would go out of business. However, how could an Indigo blue eyeliner be bad? Sounds like a fun gift to me. Good luck to all.

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