I have never been a big fan of mineral makeup. The only mineral anything I have tried is the Maybelline mineral powder and liquid foundation. Though the color was good, I dint like that I had to be extra careful while applying. If you have tried mineral powder foundations, you will know how messy it can get. Unless the mineral powder is well packaged ( which most often its not) it is a pain to carry around and is a mess maker even if its just on your shelf. The fall outs all over my clothes and everywhere else made me never want to try them.

Well this was until I decided to try the PUR Minerals makeup starter kit. Why do I like it ? Because its all pressed. No more messy jars and sachets of mineral powder for me.

The kit consists of :
- 4 in 1 mineral pressed Mineral Makeup
- Mineral Glow
- Universal Marble Powder
- The Chisel Makeup brush

The 4 in 1 mineral pressed powder is great for any kinda coverage. It can easily go from sheer to medium to full depending on how much you use. It blends perfectly well with my skin even when I go for a full coverage. Somehow, it manages to cover any blemishes or discolorations without looking heavy or dry. If you are somebody like me who hates the heavy feeling on our face with the liquid foundations - you have gotto give this a try. The best part is that it comes in 10 different shades with a good mix of light, medium and dark.

The Mineral Glow is almost like a bronzer. With the winter coming up if you are scared of looking pale, this my dear is your friend. The mineral glow when used sparingly gives you a healthy glow and when used with a heavy hand gives you a good tan! I personally just use it over my blush just on my cheek bones, bridge of my nose and chin. I love it when the bridge of my nose is all glowy.

The Universal Marble Powder is truly universal . I have to give them props for coming with a blush color that will look good on any skin tone. Off late I have been more into apricot /coral shades in blushes so somehow I wasn't that excited about this. But if you are looking for a subtle pink blush you will love it. Again this can be built up to look deeper .

The Chisel Brush is not the softest brush I have used but I love the flat top. It helps spread the mineral powder perfectly across my face and the long handle gives more control on how much you apply.

Overall I am very happy with the kit ! I like that the mineral powder that can give me a good full coverage without making looking all caked up. It is great for travel and will not ruin your purse ! Its also won the Allure Editor's Choice Award ! I got this in the color Tan though I guess I should have gone for Golden Medium because this is a little on the darker side for me...

The kits ( $35) are available at Ulta and on their site

Indian Girl


Anonymous said... @ October 2, 2008 at 3:38 PM

Have you tried the Body Shop range of Mineral Makeup? I know they recently launched the line and was wondering what you thought of their product. Thanks!

An Indian's makeup musings said... @ October 2, 2008 at 6:39 PM

Hey Anon !
Thank for letting me know. I didnot know about Body Shop's Mineral Makeup line. I will check out soon !
Have a great day !

Anonymous said... @ February 3, 2009 at 8:48 AM


C. Met said... @ May 17, 2010 at 2:35 PM

I didn't buy the concealer yet because I want to see how good the foundation is. I noticed that when I put on the mineral foundation that it did even out my skin ton and made me look quit refreshed. At first application it looks a bit powdery but after a couple of minutes it sinks in and looks glowy.(great for evening out skin that doesn't have much to hide) I do have 3 little spots that are making me grrrrr lol....the foundation didn't do much to cover those spots but did manage to help diffuse them a bit. If the foundation works out I will try the concealer because I do need a new one for my under eyes and one for my blemish spots, that I recently have gotten ): Though I am worried about placing powder under my eyes....we'll see.Now I've tried bare minerals and it just didn't work out for me. I found their products to be too grainy, drying on my face and frankly I just didn't want to touch mineral makeup again. But because right now I'm looking for a new foundation for my oily combo skin, I decided to give this one from Etsy a try. I can't recall where I saw this particular seller from but on her etsy site I saw a lot of good reviews and I really was tempted to try 'em out. I will continue with my review once I get to use this for a but longer.

mineral make up said... @ July 18, 2012 at 5:45 PM

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