An almost organic skin care line founded by an expert in organic food - Bryan Meehan. Nude is a line that will make you feel and look good both inside and out. It is a line committed to using ingredients that can be easily recognized by your body helping deliver excellent results. The pre and probiotics help strengthen the skin's natural biology which other natural ingredients like avelana, capuaccu nourish your body with nutrients providing hydration and protecting your skin from environmental damage

This is a great line for people with sensitive skin because it is made from ingredients that will not irritate your skin. It is free from paraben, sulfates, mineral oils and silicone. The packaging is contemporary and is made from the type of plastic that can be easily recycled - doesn't that make you feel good !

Moisture Balance is a great everyday moisturizer for oily skin. It is a clear gel that forms a protective layer on your skin almost like a primer ; except this makes you feel hydrated and nourished. The seaweed in this product helps control oil making you look fresh all day long.
I love this gel. It smells so good that I look forward to mornings when I can use it. My makeup glides like a charm over it while I look fresh. What can I say, nothing has romanced my oily nose better ;)

Clarifying Water is a great addition to my skin care regime. On days when I don't want anything heavy on my skin, I just spray a few drops of this all over my face and neck and I'm done. It is just like water except its not runny and gets instantly absorbed by your skin. I don't know if its the Siberian Ginsing or the Willow bark that makes it smell so heavenly. I carry the Clarifying water everywhere with me. Anytime I feel tired or dehydrated, I just spray a little on my face and I feel instantly good. This is my skin's favorite drink !

Finally I come to my most favorite product from this line - The Replenishing Night Oil ! The Tahitian Vanilla smells so good it makes me cry. It is meant to be used every night as a part of your nightly skin nourishment but I use it when I need it the most. On nights when I feel particularly tired or when I know I'm gonna have a big day I use this at night without fail. I wake the next morning feeling and looking like a million bucks ! I am not kidding, nothing I have used before comes close to what this does to my skin. I look brighter, refreshed almost like I just got back from a relaxed holiday. Its silly, I know but I just feel so good inside ! Guess it really works with my body's chemicals :)

If there is one skin care product I would highly recommend using from this line, it would be the replenishing Night Oil. Buy it for yourself, for your mom, for you girlfriends and they will all love you for introducing them to this and hate you for the costly addiction :)

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