Isomers is a Canadian based organization that specialize in innovative skin care. The products you see and their site and the ingredients are nothing like the run of the mill products. The products are suppose to give you the desired change that you can see and feel !

The product from Isomers that I tried was their Daily Cleanser with Tea Tree extract. It is milky white cleanser with almost a lotion like consistency and with lots of really tiny beads. It should work well on sensitive skin also. It is a pretty big bottle (240 ml) so it should last for a long time.

Love It ! - Why?

I had the cleanser on my face for less than 15 seconds and the moment I splashed water on my face I could feel the change. My skin was way smoother and it remained that way the whole day through ! With most other exfoliating cleanser, I usually rub them for 30 seconds or more until I feel my face getting softer, but not with this cleanser ! Talk about instant results !!

Uhh...Not so much - Why??

What I did not like was the strong pungent smell. This was why I couldn't keep it on my face any longer than a few seconds. If I were to use this first thing in the morning, I would like to smell something pleasant. Something that I could look forward to every morning. I wish they could do something about it. I do use this every 2 or 3 days because I like what it does to my face but I follow it with a moisturizing or a moisturizing water that smells divine.

Overall, it is a very good cleanser if you are not one to be put off by the strong smell. Read more on Isomers here

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