A body wash filled with marine extracts and essential oils ! After having used this for a while now, it has become one of my favorites . The body wash has a gel like consistency and a wonderfully fresh scent, almost spa like. Nothing too sweet or flowery - just fresh and relaxing.

The ingredients include a long list of natural oils including lavender,geranium, clary sage, sea fennel, rosemary and many more. Its great for shaving as well !

But the best part is the moisturized feeling that the oils leave you with at the end of your shower. You really don't need to moisturize after. I did not feel the least bit dry for the rest of the day. And the mild scent lingers on for quite a while after the shower.

Its not just me who liked this gel so much....The folks at Day Spa magazine loved it too ! Read more on Balmy Bath shower gel here


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