This past weekend, I was out the whole day looking for apartments with my friend who is planning on moving to a new one. We drove from one area to another checking out places, getting a feel of the community and by the end of the day feeling dead beat tired. All I wanted to do was hit the sack but I felt too dirty having been out all day. So, I decided to indulge in a spa shower experience to help me relax those tight muscles from sitting in the car all day.

Out came my Lisa Hoffman Spa Shower Portable Kit and there I was in my shower for the next 20 minutes. The hot water combined with the exotic scent of the cleaner took me to a whole another level of relaxation. One whiff of this body cleanser will take to the tropical rain forests filled with the scent of wild flowers, woods and sensuous aromas from nature at its best. I followed it with the body oil on almost wet skin. The oil is non-greasy and almost disappears a few minutes after application. All you are left with is your soft skin and the exotic scent.

The kit consists of a Cleansing Gel, Body Scrub, Body Oil, Body Lotion, Hand and Foot cream.
All the products have a fresh woody scent inspired by a Scent trek conducted by Givaudan - the world's largest fine fragrance supplier. They contain a lot of natural ingredients including
Acai Oil for Hydration, Antioxidants
Cupuacu Butter for Intense Moisturization
Extracts from Bamboo, Catuaba, Guarana, Hawaiian White honey, Star fruit, Palm milk for extra Nourishment
Crushed Bamboo - As an exfoliant in the body scrub.

The portable kit is good for 2 to 3 uses and can be safely stored, thanks to the thoughtful packaging. These products make for a great gift and are perfect for travel. They are also available in full sizes. Find more on Lisa Hoffman Beauty here . While you are there also check out their Spa Bath and Spa Facial Collection.

I slept like a baby after my shower. I couldn't have asked for anything better that night !

Indian Girl


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