I entered the world of loose mineral shadows, with Alima Pure,. There are so many brands out there, that make loose mineral shadow that it gets quite overwhelming for a starter like me. I decided on Alima because it is 100 % certified natural product and works great with sensitive skin.

I tried a few samples of their shadows from their Luminous , Pearlustre, Satin Matte formula and a couple of eyeliners from their Luminous Shimmer Eyeliner line. The shadows are super soft and come in generous sample sizes. The sample Alima provides, is easily enough for three or four uses. Most colors are very well pigmented and transfer onto your skin looking just the same as they do in the jars. My two favorite colors were Chai - Alima's answer to Stila's Kitten and Gold Dust - a bright yellow gold that brightens any face instantly. The eyeliner in Black Violet is such a keeper !

Though I have no problems with any of Alima's samples I don't think I will be going the loose mineral shadows route. They can get terribly messy both in your storage drawer and on your face. Always always do you eyes first and then do your face or you'll end up having fall outs all over your cheeks. Using a primer is very important as it helps the loose powder adhere better onto your lids. Some people do press these onto palettes but I guess I'll just buy pressed shadows. I will be missing out on some wonderful color choices that they offer, unfortunately that's the price I'll pay. But if you don't mind having so many tiny jars of shadows or pressing them , you will enjoy the loose mineral shadows.

Here are two looks I came up with using Alima's shadows. I was very pleased with how it turned out and the staying power of the shadows. Some shadows have a better staying power than the others but most are pretty good.

Shadows Used : Azure, Hellsbore and Black Violet ( Left )
Shadows Used : Chai, Gold Dust ( Right)

Read more on Alima Pure here

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