I have something here for my dear readers in India. I have a set of kool makeup stuff available for sale only for my readers in India. The products are all new, unused and great for creating any look of your choice !

I decided to get a variety of eyeliners because it would make it easy for the college / school going crowd. I do get a lot of questions from school going girls asking me how they could look better but not essentially "made up" for school. This is your answer - Use a colored eyeliner ! You wont be too made up but you will have a cute pop of color on your eyes !

The Revlon Lip gloss compacts are perfect for you back pack / your purse !

The products available are:

The NYX Pearl Mania Eye shadows are great on their own or you can combine two or three of them for a more defined look. They are soft, blend like a dream and heavily pigmented.
Find the list of colors available below :

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Eyeshadows:

1. White

2. Charcoal

3. Turquoise

4. Oro

5. Pearl

6. Silver

7. Lime

8. Walnut

9. Mocha

10. Purple

11. Space

12. Sky Pink

13. Black

14. Baby Pink - SOLD !

15. Baby Blue

NYX Eyeliner Pencils :

1. Acid Green

2. Black

3. Yellow

4. Purple

5. Baby Pink

6. Copper

7. Light Brown

8. Satin Blue

9. Silver

10. Dark Brown

11. White

12. Gold

Revlon Lip gloss Compacts:

Top to Bottom:

1. Chocolush ( Great for a Nude Lip look on Pigmented Lips)

2. Nougat Swirl ( Great for a Pink Nude Lip Look on Pigmented Lips)

3. Toffee Drizzle (Great for Nude Lip Look )

Revlon High Dimension Eyeliner Pencils: Click here for swatches

These pencils are super soft and do not tug at your skin. You can use them as a liner or glide it all over your lid as a base for your powder shadow or smudge it on your eyes for a just gotta bed look ! I have used these in several looks on this blog !!

L to R:

1. Bronze Flash

2. Gold Flash

3. Garnet Flash

4. Steel Flash

Pricing and Payment:

The price will vary according to your location and the quantity you are ordering. I take Personal checks, Demand Draft and Western Union in INR. Payments must be received and cleared before the product is shipped.

If the transaction falls through due to the unavailability of the product, I will refund you immediately. However, I will not refund people because they have changed their minds or are not satisfied with the product.

EDIT: I am now accepting payments made via cheques and western union transfers in USD also. So, if you have any of your friends or relatives in India and would like to send them these goodies, you can pay for it in USD and I will have them shipped out.

Please e-mail me at shopindiangirl@gmail.com with your Indian location and choice of products for a price quote or if you have any other questions about these products. I will be answering any question regarding products or shipping only via this email so please don't comment under this post if you have any questions on them. The emails helps me process the orders easily. Thank you!

Indian Girl


Discount Coupons said... @ August 22, 2012 at 9:48 AM

Nice Blog. There are many brands in India offering women products and most of the shopping is done by women only.

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