Pleasure ! It was an absolute pleasure to use this cream. Thanks to an offer they had going a while back I had the opportunity to get to know and try this product. Formulated by Lisa Hoffman this day cream is part of their Night and Day Collection of face products that include everything a woman would need to keep her face looking amazing

The website describes the day cream as " This lightweight moisturizer supplies beneficial compounds to improve dry skin conditions. It incorporates SPF 15 and other critical sunscreen ingredients to protect the skin from harmful UV radiation that leads to skin drying, and premature aging such as lines and wrinkles."

Even though it is marketed as a light weight moisturizer, I felt it was pretty heavy for day wear. My skin has lately been on oily side and with this cream on my face - lets just say I ran out of blotting papers. So, I started using this as my night cream and my skin has never looked better! Fortunately I have always had soft skin to touch but it never "looked" as great as it felt. I have always craved the hydrated glow that most models seem to have. One week of using this religiously has turned my face into a well hydrated and soft looking face. Though I have a long way to go before getting me my model glow; in one week I have had a very positive change in my skin. The product is filled with lots of natural extracts form grape, lavender, carrot and lots more. I truly believe it is the natural ingredients that has brought this change.

It is a face cream but I also use it under my eyes coz I am like that. I like to use my face cream on my eyes too but up until now every cream made my eyes water the moment I used it on them. Hence the dehydrated under eye circles. This is the only cream that hasn't received that horrible reaction from my eyes. In fact my eyes love the soft touch of it and have responded positively. I am not entirely sure if you can use it on your eyes but I will let you know soon.

The packaging of the product is super sophisticated and reminds you how much you paid for this cream. For my full face I hardly need a pea size amount of the product. It spreads and spreads and spreads. The cream will last you a while and am sure your skin and wallet will thank you for it.

If you have skin that is dry or super dry then this could work as your perfect day cream but I wouldn't advice the same for normal to oily skin tones. You can find the Day Cream and many other Lisa Hoffman products on their website


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