I finally bought mine at Big Lots after seeing it lying there week after week only to grab it after reading a good review of it from Anu. The first time I wore it I hated it. It felt heavy, looked ugly on me and I just wiped it off. But now, after hibernating in my cupboard for a month or so, I have come around to liking it! I guess I just wasnt in a good mood when I bought it !

The gloss is packaged in a red and black swirly tube which looks pretty good for a drugstore brand. The description said something about black pearls...so I initially hesitated thinking it would be super dark. But no, they are neither sheer nor super pigmented. Just a pretty god amount of color. My camera did not capture the color well...trust me it was better than this.

The color I got was Reddish Fetish (I am such a sucker for red lip glosses) It leaves a wonderful reddish stain on my lips with one coat and with two coats the red color is deepened but so is the weight...so I usually stick to one coat.The gloss feels just as heavy as MAC Lipglasses which are kinda heavy. It also looks wonderful applied over a red / maroon shade of lipsticks. I applied it over my Revlon Raisin rage lipstick and it gave me a juicy red pout!

The gloss stays put for 2 hours or so...which is ok I guess. I dont expect my glosses to last any longer. They are limited edition so it might be difficult to find them at your drug stores. I found mine for $2.50 at BigLots...so I am not gonna complain about the price. The downside to getting it at BigLots is you dont get the choice of all the colors. Well, for all you know I would have still got the red one...but I would have battled between Cran - Tilly Lace ( a bright red) and Shoc- Olate ( bright pink). Heck, for $2.50 I would have got em all !!

Grab it if you get it. Its pretty good!


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