I got this on a whim at CVS a few days back and almost forgot to review it for you guys, until today. One reason could be coz I returned it.

It is marketted as a "Weightless foundation that goes on white and self-adjusts to match your exact skin tone. In 5 shades with a flawless finish. SPF 15."
Well it is white and it does turn brown and it has SPF 15. The rest, I dont think so. When i first squeezed out some product , I had fun seeing how it turned brown on my hand. Was almost magical. However that was the only magical part about the product.

It is pretty liquidy so it so spreads easily. In the next 5 minutes you will find some white or some brown spots, this is when you have to start blending it well so there are no colorful spots on your face. I got the product in Fair - Medium. After application , the color turned deeper than my natural color. I can live with that as long as it looks flawless. Unfortunately it did not. The product only made me look darker - thats all it did. It did not hide any imperfections/ any scars. Did not make me look any better than I was to begin with. If anything I looked weird with a darker face.

Coming to the good part. The product has a mattefying effect which is great for the summers. It is very light and feels like you have nothing on your face. That being said, this foundation just did not work for me.


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