Lazy Sunday Morning, Oh how I love it! Got my cuppa coffee and did what I love doing - reading beauty blogs, of course!! I am in a really upbeat mood, so am listening to the one song that I can dance endlessly to. Since I heard it first on Grey's Anatomy I've been in love with it.Its called Creator by Santogold. Here's a video of it for you to enjoy while you read on...

I've been hating the last 2 weeks of TV. All my fav shows are having their season finales. Grey's Anatomy, House, LOST....everything. I will miss em while they are gone, especially Sawyer. Oh Sawyer.....how I love thee. The hair, the awesome beach body, the heart crushing dimples , the accent , the attitude....I start blushing every time I see him on screen like I know him personally. One day.....one day I shall ;)

Whoz your fav character from LOST? If you are a Sawyer fan....I love you even more...LOL! Well here he is Sawyer himself ....helping you get you through the rest of the day.

Hows your week been? I did do some beauty buying. CVS is having awesome sales on moisturizers and some makeup. Check em out. Meanwhile here is a video I found on Stylebell, on styling your hair for summer. If your hair is one that does everything you want it to, then you will love these simple tricks. My hair is stubborn as hell , unfortunately.

Also another awesome hair gossip I heard on SpoiledPretty is that Fergie uses PAM Olive oil on her hair, to keep em shiny!!!! PAM !!!!!! Sounds like a good idea...probably the non fat oils will be less dense making them easier to use.

Have fun y'all!!!


- Kay - said... @ July 3, 2009 at 9:20 AM

haha I saw this as a link on the bottom of one of the newer posts and I just had to click to see Sawyer!! He is definitely my favorite and I loved him and Juliet together (i so hope she didn't die, hey it's possible on lost). Love your blog!!

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