What is that we all look for in a summer moisturizer?

I'll tell you what I look for...
One, it should moisturize
Two, it should not be oily at all.
Three, should not be sticky at all.
Four, should not feel heavy on my face.
Five, can have other additional attractions.

Now, how about I tell you I found not one but two moisturizers that do all this and have many additional features. How about that, huh? For reference I fluctuate between combo / oily skin type in the sweltering heat.

Let me introduce first to you: Clean and Clear Advantage Acne Control Moisturizer ($6, 4 fl oz)

It is a perfect moisturizer in terms of all the above and additionally contains Salicylic Acid and many wonderful plant extracts. The salcylic acid helps prevent break outs. Break outs are pretty common in summer keeping in mind the sweat, dirt, clogged pores etc. The salicylic acid is a big plus for me coz I love the fact of having my face protected against acne at all times!
The moisturizing effect is just perfect for combo / oily skin and it is Oil free! It spreads easily, is great under make up. It does not have SPF but works great under sunscreen.
The scent is very pleasant and does not stay for long. I love it mostly coz it provides the right amount of moisture - all day long.
I like the dispenser model coz I dont travel a lot. If you do, then stick around and read about the next product. The pump on this one is great and dispenses just the right amount.
Overall, a great product!

The other product is Biore Pore Minimizing Light weight Moisturizer ($13, 1.7 fl oz).

This is such a summer gem! Like the one mentioned above, it has all I am looking for and additionally promises to minimize the appearance of pores. You dont have pores? Great, well you can still use this and will love it. Read on, you'll know why.
I first brought this for a friend of mine who has a problem with pores. When I tried it, I loved it! It was a little difficult to spread but once applied it formed a smooth layer on my skin so much that my make up went on like a dream. My skin just felt ultra silky. It acts as a primer in terms of evening the texture of your skin. It is a light weight moisturizer which is great for oily/ very oily skin types. I personally would like a little more moisturize on my face. It also has SPF 15 and protects against both UVA and UVB.
The product comes with a dispenser which has a cover to protect it, hence making it more hygienic and safe for travel. I thought it did reduce the "appearance" of pores but does not reduce them forever.

I love both the moisturizers. I love them for their unique offerings and use them as per my need. They are great for most skin types in the summer. However, during the night a recommend a good night time moisturizer for deeper moisturizing.

Have you tried any of these products? If not, buy them. You will not hate me for recommending them to you :) Do you have a favorite summer moisturizer? If so, let me know, I would love to try them!

Indian Girl


Emily Kennedy said... @ June 19, 2009 at 3:17 AM

Thank you SO MUCH! I'm part Portuguese, and I love the heat, but I hate navigating clear and moisturized skin on my oil-prone face in the warm weather.

I am definitely trying the Biore product. Thank you so much for posting about it.

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