I love gold eyeshadow / eyeliner and always am trying to find different ways of using it on my eyes. It is said that one must use colors that compliment your skin tone and your eye color - closest to your eye. I think gold looks great on brown eyes , so all you brown eyed beauties out there try using gold eyeliner and see how much it makes your eyes pop!
This is a nude look I created with gold, pink champagne colors. I LOVE this look and have always gotten compliments whenever I wore it. Hope you guys rock it too !!
I did another post earlier which looks a lot like this one, but I think this looks better. I had used bronze liner instead of gold there and hadnt used the dirty wine color on the crease. Using a darker shade on crease is important to make smaller eyes look a little deeper and bigger.

( Note to myself: Wipe off the fall outs)

Products Used and Description:

1. Apply the pink champagne color all over your lid till the crease.
I used Jane Mojave Bronzer strip. The second color from top. If you can, please buy this bronzer, its got multiple uses...
2. Take a dirty wine - brown color and apply it over the crease. Start form the outer V and slowly move towards the inner corner and blend. Also apply a little of this color on the outer V and blend it with the pink champagne color - only on the outer V.
I used Ulta Mineral Eye Shadow in Haze.
3. Apply your highlighter under the brow bone. I used the same pink champagne color, it works great as a highlighter.
4. Take your gold eyeliner pencil / gold color paint pot / liquid liner and apply it over your upper and lower lash line.
I used Revlon High Dimension Eyeliner in Gold Flash.
5. Apply black eyeliner along the waterline and mascara to your lashes.
I used Clinique Naturally Glossy Mascara.
6. I teamed it with Maybelline Super Stay Gloss in Golden Pink .
The blushes I used were Smash Box Blush Soft Light Duo in Sunbeam /Glimmer and a little bit of Revlon Gold Affair Sculpting Blush in Merlot at Midnight.

Dats it !!

If you do notice that white patch - that's from the pearl cream I had on my face. I usually wear it when am at home. Its suppose to have lightening properties which I could use to get rid of some old scars. And no , I did not leave my house looking like this, I just did it for my post here ;)


ilovecheese said... @ March 28, 2008 at 12:08 PM

Very pretty look, can wear this easily to work too. Can we see a full FOTD, if possible? You have a very pretty profile :D

An Indian's makeup musings said... @ March 30, 2008 at 10:33 PM

Thank you, Ilovecheese!! Always nice hearing from you:)
Yeah! You can absolutely wear it to work ! Lemme know how it works out for ya!

An Indian's makeup musings said... @ March 31, 2008 at 11:04 PM

Hey Ilovecheese, I tried leaving comments on your blog, but I culdnt :(
I tried many many times on different days at different hours :p but still couldnt...
so I thought I could leave you a message here on ma blog :)
This is what I wanted to tell "Oooh love both your pinky pink eye looks! Great job there ! My absolute fav is your cats eye post. So sexy and so wearable ! Keep it coming girl!
LOL you call me the musings girl !!! LOL!"

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